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Is Buying a Dump Truck Worth the Money?


Are you wondering, “How much does a dump truck cost?” While dump trucks offer function and value, they are a significant investment. Consider how much value they would add to your business goals — and what your budget looks like. Read on to learn whether you should be investing your money in a dump truck!

Consider the Needs of Your Business

If you’re hoping to expand your business, then buying a dump truck represents a good decision. You can secure contracts working for businesses, government agencies, or construction sites. These types of organizations may need materials transported between locations or hauled away. Weigh the experience of your drivers when considering a dump truck purchase. For inexperienced drivers, you’ll need to cover a dump truck training cost. Look for a dump truck with an automatic transmission because it will be easier to drive than a manual transmission. Additionally, consider the scope of your jobs. For jobs requiring more travel, a truck with an aluminum body will be lighter and consume less fuel — but you’ll pay more for it. For heavier jobs, a truck with a steel bed will provide durability and a lower price.

How Much Does a Dump Truck Cost?

The upfront cost of a new dump truck can exceed $100,000. You can expect to pay more for a larger, heavy-duty truck with added horsepower. Ultimately, dump truck operating costs include the initial cost of the vehicle, annual maintenance, and fuel costs. You’ll also need to pay a dump truck insurance cost to provide liability coverage if a truck causes property damage or injury. Some insurance policies may cover damage to the truck or lost business while a truck is out of commission.

There Are Ways to Control Costs

When it comes to controlling costs, consider purchasing a used dump truck. Used dump trucks tend to be under $100,000, but they may come with wear to the lifting cylinders, tires, and interior. It’s worth paying a few hundred dollars for a professional inspection to check the engine and lift mechanism.
If you go the used route, take the truck for a test drive and listen for any unexpected noises. Look over the body for cracks and rust. And assess the frame for signs of rust or distortion that could need expensive repairs.
Another option is to rent a dump truck. If you don’t have a full-time need for a truck or struggle with bad credit, renting is a cost-effective option. And as a renter, you won’t need to deal with the costs of maintaining the truck.

Determine Whether a Dump Truck Is Right for You

Owning a dump truck may be right for you if the benefits outweigh the costs. The total dump truck cost comes with yearly maintenance and insurance. But if the need for hauling services in your area is great, you can bring in significant revenue.
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