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Untold Facts About Emojis


Untold Facts About Emojis: who started, how it kept changing? How many designs are being used?

Today you would have encountered hundreds of emojis on your communication as well as social media apps. Emojis are all over the place today, and so you must know about the history and important facts about them. If you are interested in hunting untold facts about emojis and how they started, you must completely read this content. 

First of all, know that emojis are an important part of communication. Emojis are the images/faces used to express feelings and different personalities in an otherwise dry text message. Emojis have become much more because of being added on the default keyboards of smartphones. Below we have addressed different aspects of emojis that you would surely find interesting!

Emojis are quite different from emoticons

You might have heard of emoticons plenty of times in your life. People usually confuse emoticons with emojis, but you must know that this concept is wrong. It should be clear to you that emojis are proper images and symbols that are rendered on your devices. In contrast, the emoticons have nothing to do with reality. The emoticons are the simple portraying or expressions and faces by using the basic characters on the keyword. For example, 🙂 is an emoticon which is used to show a smiley face whereas 😊 is a proper emoji that you can find in your keyboard.

Who is the father of emojis?

Shigetaka Kurita created emojis, and this is the man that we can all thank today. Mr. Kurita was an integral part of Docomo back the day whose mission was to improve and revolutionize Japan’s communication system. Kurita believed that simple text messages, emails, and other written communication modes caused more miscommunication and misunderstanding. To reduce this from day-to-day communications and improve the exact conveying of messages, he provided a solution in the form of emojis. EMoji means Picture character in Japanese.

How did Kurita get the idea of emojis?

Now you must be wondering how he developed the idea of emojis. In an interview, Kurita threw some light on how he got the inspiration for emojis. He told the interviewer that everything he saw on mainstream media or social engagement platforms was all text. Kurita believed that instead of seeing the weather report as ‘fine’ or ‘rainy’ he would prefer the channels to show them a picture of the Sun on a fine day and rain/clouds on a bad one. 

Kurita took this idea and emojis to big companies including Fujitsu, Panasonic and even Sharp. All of the three Japanese giants threw his idea in his face. After facing rejection from these platforms, Kurita decides to work on his design skills. After working off a few months, he created basic emojis that were of 12 by 12-pixels. He eventually came up with over 150 emojis which were applauded by his team members. The crew then started working on emojis and were able to produce an emoji for almost every expression. From a torn jean to a beating heart, today you can find all of these emojis on a keyboard.

Where to find all of the emojis?

You must know that today there are thousands of emojis, but you cannot find all of them on one keyboard. The emojis that you find in your default keyword is lesser than those you can find on WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. If you want to find all the emojis in one place, you need to use the  website. This website has all the common and uncommon emojis on its interface for instant copy and pasting. You can easily search them by their names or simply by categories!

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