HRMS Software And The Employees’ Happiness Quotient


What is the end goal of every living being on this planet? Happiness and contentment and the most common responses when you ask someone this question. Talk about Indian businesses and the first thing that matters is employees’ happiness and satisfaction. Employers would do whatever it takes to keep their workforce cheerful and energetic so that ultimately, the productivity and performance is sustained. Now, this is all part of workforce management that the HR department takes care of. And since the HR software and solutions have been embraced by almost every corporate establishment, its various benefits have gradually unraveled in recent years. Most of the working professionals don’t know that HRMS software is not just used for process optimization, it works beyond that. Besides mechanizing the HR operations and making them efficient, HR management software can also be used for keeping the employee happiness quotient high.

Let’s have a look at some of the features that keep a check on the same:

The Happiness Meter

This one is a strategic initiative taken to record the happiness levels of employees in the HRM system depending upon various factors. Over a period of time, a report is prepared after calculating the meter reading for each employee so as to devise plans for sustaining or improving the same. HRMS software India is one of the most searched queries due to its great focus and features towards employee satisfaction. It is a scale/bar with units that the employees have to choose from to tell their measure of happiness.

The Mood Bots

These are somewhat similar to the happiness meters. The difference is that mood bots regularly record real-time moods of the employees based on their responses from a range of feelings such as excited, happy, sad, low, very low, etc. Now, these reactions from the employees are instantly noted in the HR software’s database. A virtual chat assistant helps the employees who express low emotions and take feedback/suggestions to overcome the same.

HRMS Gamification

Today, HRMS software is not just the boring solution that helps complete regular HR-related tasks. It is way more than that! To enhance user experience, many HR automation systems now come with interesting gaming features. The incorporation of small and fascinating games to perform HR operations makes the whole process fun. This adds to the productivity and performance levels of employees exponentially.

Employee Self Service

This one is a common feature of almost every HR solution now. The option for employees to perform tasks on their own comes as a relief. There is no need to run back & forth to and from the HR department for every petty matter. HRMS software India best versions help HRs to simply sit back and focus on more important things as the employees become self-sufficient in carrying out more than half of the activities.

Benefits & Rewards

Now comes the one last thing that brings a smile to every employee’s face – Rewards & Benefits. Employees live for recognition. Nowadays, the HR software is integrated with such modules that facilitate R&R and benefits administration. The virtual claps, badges of honor, coupons & vouchers, and certificates of appreciation given to the workforce for their achievements surely make them the happiest!

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