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How to Take Good Care of Your Pet (Bearded Dragon)


Most people make dogs or cats their pets at home but there is a huge number of people who love to get a tokay gecko or bearded dragon. It is because these reptiles are good looking as they are present in eye-catching colors and are very understandable. They love to get human company and they can live everywhere when getting proper care or the right things to survive. Before going to start with the primary concept that is how to take care of your pet, one should know about these reptiles. Tokay geckos or bearded dragons care are reptiles that are mainly found in Pogona.

These are of 8 different types and all are very beautiful and classic in looks. Their name bearded dragon derives from the beard they have to under their throat. Their beard changes black for several reasons such as when the dragon is aggressive, when its mood changes and for plenty of other reasons. They mainly eat all type of live insects that are smaller in size from them. Also, they can eat fruits and green things to survive. To know more about them, people can simply make a good research online. The beardies love to eat Superworm beetle, live insects and pacman frog.

important aspects of caring bearded dragons

Well, there are mainly 2 important aspects present that includes in the process of taking perfect care of your pets. Those people who make perfect deal with those 2 aspects become able to provide a better life to their pet. So, given below are those important concerns on which people should pay attention who want to provide better living environment or feed them properly.

Setting up a perfect living environment –

Yes, it is the first and foremost task for you to make a deal with. You need to set up an environment for your beardie like it’s natural. For the same, you simply have to buy a tank according to the size of your beardie. After the, you can simply focus on adding the right substrate and the right surface to the tank. Not only is this, but you also have to add some places so that your pet can easily hide. Another major thing is that one has to focus on adding up the right lighting and furniture to climb. There are several other things also present on which you need to focus on like setting the right temperature not so cold and hot.

Feeding them with good foods –

Here comes the second major aspect that is feeding your pet with those foods by which they get all nutritions and which they like. So, when it comes to their liking then the top named that come are pacman frog, Superworm beetleand all other live insects mainly Dubia roaches. Its’ best if you provide your reptile with all such foods regularly but apart from them, you have to serve them with fruits and mainly the green things too. It’s because by eating such things they get right vitamins and minerals. It’s the major thing for you to handle as by feeding it with right foods makes it healthier and stronger. Also, when your beardie lives happily then its lifespan can increase too.

Moreover, after mainly performing these two things perfectly you can add anything extra you want for providing better or luxurious life to your pet. People also focus on their vaccination as they immediate complete the same task after getting a new dragon at their home. They need to consult everything to the right animal doctors. 

More to know about

Moving further, if you want to know more things such as what your pet mostly likes to eat and play with, you should make wise research online. After then, you have to get those things and then you gecko really utilizes its time and becomes happier. Apart from it, you need to give enough time to understand it and make it feel that your company is safe and good. It’s the only way your pet becomes comfortable with you and lives a healthy or safe life. The only thing is that you have to take care of feeding and mainly serve it with Superworm beetle or live insects.

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