How To Take Care Of Oily Hair To Get Rid Of Oily Feeling


We have oil glands under our scalp. The costume name of this gland is Sebaceous gland. Regular oil or sebum is secreted from that gland. This oil is natural oil. Its job is to nourish the hair and maintain the hydration of the hair or scalp. But many times it happens that the amount of oil emitted from our oil glands increased a lot. Then the head becomes extra oily. Dust and dirt accumulate on the oily scalp. As a result, various problems arise. If there is a hormonal problem, more oil is secreted from the oil gland.

What is the solution of oily feeling?

1. Clean the hair daily:

Since there is more oil on your hair and scalp, dirt accumulates more. To remove this dirt, you have to shampoo once a day. In case of shampooing, it is better to shampoo back home. The outside dirt will be washed immediately. But keep two things in mind when shampooing. Use hair growth natural hair products with any ayurvedic shampoo. Shampoo given with more chemicals will make the hair worse. And you will see if the hair or scalp feels dry after a few days after shampooing. In many cases, shampooing more reduces the production of natural oils. It does damage the hair again. So when the scalp is dry, leave it for a day and shampoo it.

2. Shampoo the right way:

It is very important to know when to shampoo and how to shampoo. Use shampoo on scalp, not responsive hair. Oil is excreted from the scalp. So the scalp needs to be cleaned. Do not press hard on the scalp or press with nails. This can increase oil emissions. Clean the head with light hands. Instead of shampooing the whole hair, let the shampoo spread all over the hair by itself. And you don’t have to shampoo twice, because you’re shampooing every day.

3. The conditioner day just right:

Since your hair is oily, using the conditioner incorrectly can make your hair look sticky. If you have oily scalp, there is no need to use conditioner on scalp or whole hair. Instead, just apply it to the bottom of the hair and wash it well. But it is also very important to choose a suitable ayurvedic conditioner.

4. Select the appropriate product:

Not all types of products will go with your hair. Which product will go with the oily feeling of your hair, will maintain the pH balance, all these things need to be taken care of. So use only that product made for oily scalp. You can use baby shampoo. But you will get good benefits.

5. Clean the comb regularly:

You shampooed clean hair and used the comb you used the day before. You don’t see that there is oil and dirt in it. So what does it mean to clean hair? So clean the comb with rose shampoo as well as hair cleaning. If you use any other brush for hair makeup, clean it evenly. Clean hair clips, hair bands and other things according to the rules.

6. Silicone products are not:

Be sure to look at the back ingredients when buying shampoo, conditioner. Many shampoos and conditioners nowadays contain silicone. Silicone is given because it brings extra shine to the hair. But besides this silicone can make your hair more sticky and dirty if your hair is oily. Silicone destroys the normal moisture of the hair. So you should use hair growth natural hair products avoiding silicon products.  

7. Not playing with hair:

Experts say that the hair should not be given more hands. Many people have the habit of repeatedly touching the hair, combing the hair, itching. Many people comb their hair frequently. All this but activates the oil gland much more. Do not touch your hair or head unnecessarily.

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