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How to Spot Squirrels in Attic and How to Get Rid of Them


Squirrels are constant annoying problems for many homeowners and building owners in general. These pesky pests not only make untimely noises but can make any attic smell unpleasant too. Unless it’s a pet, no one actually wants a squirrel residing in their attic. Also, unfortunately, squirrels in attic is quite a common problem in many regions of the world including Canada, USA, UK and Europe.

Even though your attic might be squirrel infested, you might not be able to see them much. As people normally don’t use attics all that often, this gives squirrels a brilliant chance to go unnoticed. Also, when they see human activity, squirrels in attic usually hide away from sight. However, there are some ways you can spot squirrels in the attic. Here are some of them:

Squirrels in Attic – Strange Sounds in Morning and Evening

Squirrels have very small feet and they move pretty fast for their size. Also, squirrel’s typical nesting time is during mornings and evenings. Usually, they would produce small low pitch sounds with audible little step sounds too. Although not concrete, chances are great that strange attic sounds and squirrels.

Also, listen for light thumping as squirrels in attic can sometimes try to break their food to eat. Some scratching noises caused by their nails on attic floors or walls can also be heard. Excessive attic noises are usually bellringers for squirrels in attic problem.

Another thing to note here is that squirrel sounds can be caused by a single animal or a group. They also produce low pitch short whistle-like sounds from their mouth as well. Although that might not be very audible at most times, other sounds would be and should be paid attention to.

Squirrel Activity Suddenly Rises Around the House

Usually squirrel activity isn’t very much in any garden, lawn or property. However, when you see squirrel activity increasing in your surroundings, this can be a sure sign of infestation. And what better place than an attic for them. Squirrels in attic are quite common in many parts of the world.

Professional pest control Vancouver or any other city specialists always tell you how to keep them away. However, when you see too many of these pests roaming around, its time to look for your options. Also, check around the basement too. It is their second most favorite place in any property.

Especially when you have any trees touching the attic, squirrels can find ways easily into them. Tree branches and stems would be the usual places you’d see squirrels as well. Make sure to check around the property for rising squirrel activity.

When You Find Squirrel Nests in the Attic

Squirrels use outside materials that they can find to build nests inside attics. These include anything like grass, sticks and other dry wastes easily found outdoors. Squirrels in attic will almost always make nests to rest and to reproduce. These nests are often big enough to be spotted easily.

Also, squirrels are known to make piles of fluff in the attic and use it as a nest. Any unknown pile of random fluffy materials or dry natural wastes in the attic are sure signs of squirrel infestation. These are most likely nests and may also be places where they multiply in population.

Squirrel nests are pretty easy to remove. You can do it yourself easily. Make sure to remove any if you find. You can place them outside on the roof if you don’t want to make the squirrels homeless. Anyway, squirrels in attic are never good signs for the property.

A Nasty Smell in the Attic

Squirrels are known around the world for their ability to make that iconic bad smell. This bad smell is often the number 1 sign that will give off their infestation for any attic or property. This smell is often strong enough to infiltrate your home in other places than the attic as well.

Rooms or spaces directly below the attic will be most affected after the attic that is. Look for any strong punchy bad smell and then find the source in the attic. Be sure to wear a nose covering when you do enter the attic. This smell is nasty. There are no two ways about it.

Also, look for squirrel feces in the attic as well if you have the smell going already. These signs will tell you exactly where they have been residing. Remove squirrels in attic and keep your property free from their longest lasting smells.

How to Control Squirrels Entering Your Property

It is very important to keep a check on things. You can try to block squirrels from entering your attics and property in the first place.

  • Block all holes and entry points in the attic to keep squirrels out
  • Remove any tree branches that might be touching the roof providing easy route for squirrels
  • Call your pest control Langley or any other local service for your place of residence to have them removed quickly.

Keeping the property free from squirrels is very important. You must look at whatever you can do to keep them from entering the building at all times.

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