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How to select the best laptop – Best Buying Guides in 2021


Are you looking to buy your very first laptop? Is your current laptop playing up and you are in dire need of a new laptop? Are you an ardent gamer and are looking for a high-performance laptop with gaming features? Are you forced to work from home and need the best laptop for work? Are you looking to gift a laptop to your kids for online learning? Whatever may be the reason, you need to select a laptop that is best for you and also not very expensive. 

Our Laptop buying guide will surely give you the best tips and ways to choose a laptop that suits your personality and your work. 

First and foremost, you need to understand that there are many laptop brands and models in the market and each one has varied features and performance levels. To have a better understanding of laptops and how to go about choosing one, the guide below will be very helpful to you. 

Best Laptop Buying Guide of 2021: 

So, you are on a budget, yet want to get the best laptop computer, our guide will give you the tips to browse through the best laptop deals online:

Your use of the laptop:

What is the use of a laptop for you? Will you use a laptop for online gaming, to prepare work-related spreadsheets or presentations or for studies, or just for casual browsing and blogging? Once you ascertain the use of a laptop, you will be able to understand the type of laptop or configuration of a laptop that best suits your needs. 

Laptop Processor:

The following are the processors available in laptops and you can choose the best one that is able to provide you with faster access. One can go with Dual Processors where 2 processors are used and Quad-core processors with 4 independent processors. 

Gen i3 – This is ideal for those who will use the laptop for casual browsing. 

Core i5 – This is ideal for students who want to run advanced software, watch videos, stream movies, etc. 

Core i7 and Core i9 – These are high-end processors that are ideal for ardent gamers or for animators or if you want to run highly advanced software for programming etc. 


Storage space of your laptop is also very important. HDD gives high-capacity storage space, but if you need even high speed and capacity for gaming or programming, then going with an SSD is a better option, but can be on the expensive side. 


If your work entails a lot of traveling, then it is better to go for a lightweight laptop, something that weighs between 2 kg to 2.5 kg. However, if your laptop is installed in just one place, then laptops above 3 kg will be no problem, especially you will find that gaming best laptop computers tend to be heavier, so in case you do not require to carry them around then go for it. 


If you are looking for a cheaper option, then going with an 8GB RAM is good, however, if you browse a lot where multiple tabs are open or if you require it for high-speed online gaming, then go with a 16GB RAM. 

Installed Operating System: 

Choose a laptop with an already installed Operating System, as buying the OS separately and installing it yourself could be an added cost and also cumbersome. 

Choose the right Operating System: 

Choosing an operating system is also very important. If you are using it for studies or browsing then going with Windows is good. If you already own Apple devices, then going with a MAC OS will give you more functionality features, especially if you are a gaming fanatic. If your use is mostly related to high-end software, then Linux OS is quite sturdy. 


Usually, a laptop has a display resolution of 1368×768, however, choosing an OLED or organic LED screen display will give you 4K resolution along with a touchscreen feature that gives you an interactive experience. However, OLED is very expensive, so unless you need that resolution, you are better off going with a minimum resolution of 1920×1080.

Screen Size: 

The standard screen size of a laptop varies between 11.6 to 17 inches. You can choose a bigger screen if you play games or watch movies. Just keep in mind that the bigger the screen size, the expensive it gets. 

USB Ports: 

If you are the one who stores music, movies, files on a USB drive, then having a Type-C USB port is a necessity. The same goes for a Displayport or HDMI port if you want to relay movies on the big screen of your TV. If you want to play high-speed online games without interruptions, then you require an Ethernet Port where your internet ethernet cable can be connected to your laptop to give you direct net connection. So, make sure your laptop has all the required ports. 

WiFi and Bluetooth: 

Using WIFI to connect your device remotely may require 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facility to connect your laptop to other devices like your mobile or tablet etc. 

Graphics Card: 

Nvidia Graphic chip if you are looking to stream HD movies, but can be pricey. 

Battery Life: 

Battery life is very important, especially when the use of the laptop is very high and it is used extensively while traveling. It is also better to go with a laptop with an in-built battery, instead of a detachable battery. If you are a gaming geek, then this won’t matter much, but keeping your device plugged in will give you better performance. 

More buying tips: 

Read reviews: 

Customer reviews are one of the best deciding factors when you are buying a laptop. So, make sure you do read them thoroughly and also check out the rating of the best laptop brands. 

2 IN 1 laptops: 

Laptops that can be folded or that are detachable are better off, especially if you travel a lot. With laptops that turn into a tablet or the screen rotates 360°, you can have a unique experience. 

Expandable Memory and storage:

Down the line, if you require a bigger memory and storage space, then choose a laptop that can be upgraded or expandable memory and storage after a few months or years. 

Shop Online Stores: 

By and far, when you are shopping for the best affordable laptops, online stores offer you irresistible deals. Some of the popular and trusted stores to buy the best laptops are Walmart, eBay, Amazon, etc. 

Use Promo codes to save: 

It is also good to use Coupon Codes or Promo codes through Coupon N Deal, an online shopping coupon, and best laptop deals. Using promo codes while buying laptops is another way to enjoy huge savings. 

It is also important not to buy laptops just for the look or for speaker quality or for free software included. So, now that you know the best features to look for in the best affordable laptops for your needs. If you have any queries about availing coupons to buy the best laptops for you or your loved ones or have feedback about this article, do connect with us here. 

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