How to Register a Google Play Account via Android

How to Register a Google Play Account via Android


If you currently want to create an aplikasi judi bola or other and enter it on Google Play, then you must register an account first. How to register a Google Play account is very easy, even with just an Android cellphone, you can do it. In the process of creating a Google Play account, there are two steps that you must pass, namely the registration stage and also the verification stage.

But please note, to create a Google Play account is not free. So you have to prepare money to pay for it later. Usually, to be able to get a Google Play account, you have to prepare the equivalent of US $ 25 so you can become a member of the Google Play Console. And if it is assumed to be in rupiah currency, then the money you have to prepare is IDR 350,000 if the exchange rate for 1 dollar is IDR 14,000.

What is the Google Play Console? Maybe there are still many who don’t know if the Google Play Console is an account created specifically for developers if you want to publish applications for Android phones. And now, Google Play is the largest platform so that the applications you create and enter your Google Play account can be reached by people from all over the world. And on this platform you can also sell games or even applications. If you are not familiar with Google Play Console, maybe you have heard of Google Developer or Godev because this is another name or a special designation for the Google Play Console. In addition there are also those who call it the Google Play Developer Console.


How to Register a Google Play Account on an Android Phone

If you have games, books, movies and other applications for example aplikasi judi bola, you can enter the application on the Google Play platform. Because if you have entered the application on the Google Play platform, the application that you created can be used by many people even from different countries. But before that, you have to register a Google Play account first with the following steps:

  • Open Browser

The first step for those of you who want to register a Google Play account is to open the browser on your Android phone first. Then, you have to visit the Google Play link via By clicking on the link, the page will switch and you will enter the login page of your Google Account. You can enter the username and email password that you want to register later on the Google Play Console.

  • Checking Checkbox

If you can log in using your email username and password, you will be redirected to another page. You have to check the checkbox because by checking it, it means that you have agreed to all the terms and policies provided by the Google Play Console. If you don’t know what the terms and policies are, you can see it on that page.

One of the requirements for those of you who want to have a Google Play account is that you must be at least 18 years old. If you have met the requirements, you can check the checkbox and click the words “Continue Payment”

  • Fill out the Payment Form

If you have clicked on the words “Continue Payment” then you can fill in the form. You need to first enter the 16 digits on your credit card number, the month and year of the credit card expiration and the 3 digit numbers on the back of the credit card. Then enter the name of the owner of the credit card and the address. All the data that you enter must be valid because after the payment process, your data will be verified first.

After all data on the payment form is filled in with correct and valid data, you can click on the words “BUY”. If the payment process that you did was successful, the words “Your payment is complete” will appear. Not only notifications, you can also see the success

or failure of the payment process via email. Because usually there will be an incoming email from Google Payments

  • Click the Registration Link

Then, you can click continue registration. At this stage, you must complete all the forms correctly. If so, you can click finish registration and automatically all the data you write will be saved.

If you have passed all the steps above properly, then the registration process or Google Play account registration that you are doing is sure to be successful. But keep in mind, Google now has increasingly stringent regulations so you will be required to verify your identity first.You can download other applications like aplikasi judi bola via android free here.

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