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How to Make Your WordPress URLs SEO Friendly?


An organic SEO company or digital marketing agency will always tell you the importance of URLs in SEO. They all talk about the same thing. They say that making URLs more SEO friendly is important for all websites. Does it make a difference in the SEO health of a website? Well, today we are here to discuss it more.

Rather than hiring an organic SEO company, you can do it on your own. We will tell you here what you can do to make URLs more SEO friendly. Keeping other CMS (content management systems) aside, we will talk about the most popular one, WordPress.

What Is An SEO Friendly URL?

An URL means Uniform Resource Locator. Well, we don’t need to know the full form of the URL. We can simply know it as a link to the web pages. But what makes it SEO friendly? When an URL is readable, then it can be known as SEO friendly (if it is helping in higher ranking). If it is unreadable, then it cannot be SEO friendly.

Understand The Difference

An organic SEO company will simply tell you the difference between an SEO friendly URL and the normal one. Let’s use the same method to understand the difference:

SEO friendly URL looks like:

A Non SEO URL looks like:^3.html

Both links take you to a web page on the internet. But the SEO friendly one has a readable permalink. Which makes it easy to rank higher on SERPs.

How To Make Them SEO Friendly In WordPress?

Now let’s jump to the practical section of this post. Here we will tell you how to make URLs SEO friendly on WordPress. An organic SEO company can use the same technique to do this for clients.

Change The Permalink Settings

To do this you have to change the permalink setting on WordPress CMS. You are required to log in to your WordPress admin panel.

The Manual Way

The manual way is to edit the URL of each post on your WordPress website at the time of posting. You have to manually do this. An organic SEO company will recommend this way. You can add any focus keyword to your URL. But you need to do this every time on your own.

The Automatic Way

In this way, you just have to set some instructions for your URLs. The WordPress panel will use those instructions to generate URLs. You can use these instructions to make URLs SEO friendly also. Set instructions for WordPress URLs with the following steps.

Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Open your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Step 2: Click On the “Settings” Option.

Step 3: Click On the “Permalinks” button under the “Settings” Menu.

Step 4: You will find various options on the left side of your screen.

What do All These Options mean?

You can select any of these options. But what do they mean? All these options mean a lot to you. An organic SEO company can help you know about it. But let us make it clear to you for now. Understand them as below and then choose accordingly.

  • Plain

This option will allow your CMS (WordPress) to use any letters, numbers, characters as URLs.

  • Day And Name

As its name suggests, it will use the day when you are posting along with the name of the post.

  • Month And Name

It will mention the month and the post name in the URL.

  • Numeric

Some basic numerical characters will be used to make URLs for your pages and posts.

  • Post Name

It will use the name of the post (title) as the URL.

  • Custom Structure

It will give you an option to add some keywords to your URL. Also, you can use some tags to add any dynamic credential. You can use various operators to add real-time information to your URLs.

Choose The Best Option

The best option is to choose the “Post Name”. Because your Post name or Title will have the focus keyword, then it will use the focus keyword in the URL also. So it makes all the URLs SEO friendly.

Some Useful Tips

Apply any method to make your WordPress URLs more SEO friendly. But always consider a few tips while doing this. An organic SEO company should also use these tips.

  • Use your focus keywords in URLs
  • Make your URLs short.
  • Your URL should be enough to know what a post or page is about.
  • Use a proper URL structure on your WordPress site.
  • Try to use proper site structure while writing URLs.
  • Try to edit the important URLs manually.

Let’s Summarize It!

You can see how important it is to use SEO friendly URLs. Not only for a WordPress website, but any website should use this important SEO trick. It will help you rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). Also, it makes it easy to understand the content of a web page or post with just one look. A readable URL helps a lot for visitors to understand the page content. Hire an organic SEO company or do it on your own. But you must make your WordPress URLs SEO friendly.

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