How to Make Your Chocolate And Teddy Day Extra Special And Memorable


There are millions of special days for celebration. But the magic of Valentine’s Day week is something else. The 7 days in the month of Feb are not less than Holi, Diwali, Guruparv, and Christmas for the love birds. Let me clear you one thing that Valentine’s Day of Valentine’s week is not only for couples. It is for everyone who loves each other. It is for friends and family too. Because Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s week is all about the celebration of love. So whoever you love your best friend, siblings, parents, colleague, and of course your special. Celebrate this week with everyone. So, here we are talking about making 2 special days more special. And I yell you a secret. Both of the days are my personal favorite. Because Teddy Bear is my brush and chocolate is my first love. But the question is how can you make it more special, don’t worry here is the answer. I am sure you have already ordered Flower Delivery in Pune from Bloomsvilla. But what about Chocolate Day and Teddy Bear Day? So here are the ideas. 

A chocolate flavor cake in a teddy bear design

I know it sounds interesting. But let me tell you, it is so much interesting. It is like buying one and getting one free offer. If your beloved loves chocolate so much or chocolate cake. And also he or she likes Teddy Bear a lot. This is what you can do to make your chocolate Day and Teddy Day extra special. This will be an amazing combination as well as a beautiful gift for your beloved. 

Make chocolate yourself

I know, you have eaten a lot of chocolate and you must have gifted chocolate too. But have you made yourself for your special one? Most of your answers will be no. So this time make chocolate yourself and trust me it is very easy to make. You just need half an hour and a few ingredients. Very quickly, I am giving you the chocolate recipe. And of course, please don’t forget to tell me the reaction of your loved one, or a special one. 


1.Dark chocolate and milk chocolate

2. Dry fruits according to your taste

3. 2 tablespoons unsalted butter


Take ½ proportion of the dark chocolate comparisons to milk chocolate. Melt them by using a double boiler method. You can use only dark chocolate or only milk chocolate. It’s totally up to you. Take a silicone mold of cute shapes and grease it with oil or butter. You can use it without grease. After that add two tablespoons butter in melted chocolate. Half pour the chocolate in the silicone mold and put your favorite dry fruits in it. After that completely pour the chocolate and keep it in the refrigerator for 4 hours. Surprise, your chocolate is ready. 

Add a Valentine’s Day bouquet with the chocolate and Teddy Bear. Trust me, it will make your Chocolate Day and Teddy Bear so much special and yum too. 

Chocolate and Teddy Bear bouquet

I am sure you order and Send Flowers to Hyderabad online along with gifts so many times, but have ordered or seen chocolate and teddy bouquet?. If not, then do this time. There are lots of e-commerce sites that sell unique kinds of gifts that can help you, especially during Valentine’s Day. If you can order from them then well and good. And if not, you can make yourself also. And this unique bouquet will make your Chocolate and Teddy Day memorable, for the rest of your life. 

Make Teddy from Chocolates

I know it sounds quite weird. But it is different and unique. Take a chart paper or drawing book, draw a teddy bear on the paper. When your pencil work is completed and now you are ready to fill the color, stop that time. Because here we will not fill the colors, we will fill chocolates. And here is the Teddy Bear drawing is ready with chocolate. This does not only sound good but when it will become in reality, it will be just mesmerizing.  

Enjoy your Chocolate and Teddy Day in a special way, by using these ideas. This will make your special and romantic day more beautiful. 

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