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How to get the best Eye test? Easy tips for 2021


Only eye care professionals can carry out an eye test and detect any visual problems based on a complete eye examination. Many people resort to a simple eye test at home with the help of an eye test chart. While these are not a substitute for the professional eye exam carried out by an Optometrist, you can use them to get some idea of eye health.

Eye test

Along with your insurance card and photo I.D., you need to prepare your eye for the eye test. It is better to keep your eyes on rest for 1-2 days before the eye exam, and it will provide reliable results at your eye test.

Get the Best Eye Test:

  • Get an Eye Chart: Browse online for an excellent quality eye test chart and download it and get it printed and laminated. Just make sure that the largest letter should be nearly one inch tall. You can also buy the chart from local stores. Online eye test charts are easily available at different sites. But, if you have some symptoms like blurry vision, distorted vision, headache, light flashes, trouble with in-depth perfection, and eye pain then you must consult an optometrist.
  • Hang the Eye Chart: The next step is to place the chart at the appropriate distance and height. The chart on the wall should be at the eye level of the child and the person whose eyes are to be tested. The individual should be ten feet away from the chart.
  • Ensure Proper Lighting: Check the lighting conditions in the room and the vision chart should be well lit and you can add illuminating sources like a flashlight or another light source to ensure proper lighting conditions for reliable and accurate testing. But if you have serious eye problems like glaucoma or cataract infection then you need to consult an optometrist. You cannot detect such eye problems at your home.
  • Consult an Optometrist: If you have serious eye problems, then you need to consult an Optometrist. He can prescribe some eye drops or medication for cataracts or glaucoma, and you need to carry such medicine for your next eye test. It is impossible to remember each prescription and your doctor can check your medicines and change your dosage.   
  • Begin the Test: Ask the person or the child to cover one of his or her eyes and just make sure that the eye is covered completely. Make sure he is seated comfortably and at the right distance from the chart. Keep him relaxed and comfortable at all times for the best results.
  • Read the Chart: Let the child or the individual read each line of the chart, and note down those that he is having trouble with. Repeat the process with the other eyes and write the results separately for each eye.

It is important to get accurate test results, and that is possible only if you create the right conditions and with the right use of the resources. While it is still highly re-cemented to get a professional eye test is done for accurate results, the online eye test chart is good enough to give you some idea about the eyesight of the child or an individual, based on their age.

Eye test

For example, children below age three should be able to see the 20/40 line of the chart while the four-year-olds should see the 20/30 line. Children above five should be able to read the 20/20 line of the chart. In case you find that the online eye test chart results are not normal, seek an immediate appointment with an Optometrist. He has a proper eye testing machine and equipment to get precise results.

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