How Much CBD Should A Dog Consume?


CBD dosage for dogs depends on several factors; therefore, selecting the appropriate dosage for your pet can be overwhelming.  For instance, you have to consider the weight of your dog. Furthermore, the amount of CBD that you will administer to your dog also depends on the condition you are trying to treat. For instance, your dog will need higher doses to combat severe health issues; small amounts are required for relieving occasional anxiety and overall well-being.  

 Apart from the severity of the health issues, CBD concentration in oils and other products is of great significance. It is worth stating that the dosing guideline varies from one company to another, and it generally depends on its CBD content. This article gives you a complete guide on the right amount of CBD to give your pet.  

Advantages of CBD for Dogs 

 CBD offers a lot of benefits to dogs and other pets. It can help relieve them of various severe health issues, including stress and anxiety.  

Dogs possess an endocannabinoid system responsible for coordinating major biological processes taking place in the body. This system ensures that there is effective communication among your dog’s body networks.   

According to some studies, CBD can slow down the growth of tumors in some types of cancer. Apart from that, it may also help alleviate the following conditions: 

  • Nausea 
  • Inflammation 
  • Stress and Anxiety 
  • Lethargy 
  • Impair mobility and stiff joints 
  • Digestive Issues 

If you need to give your dog a CBDfx pet tincture, you should consult a veterinarian with sound knowledge of CBD products’ benefits for pets. This way, you will get medical advice on how to give your dog the right amount of CBD product.  

Factors to Consider Before Giving CBD to your Dog 

Figuring out the correct CBD dosage for your dog can be challenging, especially if you are a newbie. This section takes a careful look at some essential factors that can affect your dog’s CBD dosage. Here we go! 

  • Your Dog’s Weight

Like many medications, the CBD dosage for dogs is dependent on weight. Some FOMO Bones CBD dog treats come with dosage recommendations; this makes dosing easier for dog owners. Generally, larger dogs need a higher CBD dose than smaller ones or puppies to treat a similar health issue. In other words, the larger dogs, the higher the amount of CBD they need.  

  • Method of Consumption 

CBD products are available in diverse forms, including gummies, oils, vape oils, powder, creams, etc. However, these options are limited for pets.  CBD for dogs is available in three forms: edibles, topicals, and CBD oils/tinctures. 

CBD oil is highly recommended for dogs as it has a long-lasting effect coupled with its high biodiversity. If your dog detests the taste of CBD oil, you can consider CBD edibles. CBD dog treats have a better taste, and it provides a fixed-dose per servings. CBD edibles are more convenient to consume, but it takes effect after about 30 to 90 minutes of consumption.  

Topical CBD cream is perfect for treating physical discomfort in dogs. You apply the product to the affected part. Furthermore, this product is easy to dose because you use the right amount on the affected region. They are also fast-acting because the CBD does not need to get into the bloodstream. Instead, they interact with the cannabinoid receptor located at the deeper layer of the skin. 

  • The amount of CBD in your product (Potency of the product)

Potency is the amount of CBD product contained in the product. Simply put, it is the number of milligrams present in a CBD product. For instance, a single serving for dogs contains 0.5 to 1 milliliter of CBD.  Therefore, you can have about 40 to 80 servings in a bottle containing 40 milliliters of CBD oil.  

You can choose a low potency option for small dogs. You should switch to a more potent option if your dog consumes more than one milliliter of CBD oil per day; this is more economical in the long run.  

  • The Severity of your Dog’s Ailment 

The amount of CBD to administer to your dog is dependent on the severity of the ailment. CBD products do not work like magic, but they can improve the quality of your dog’s life when you apply the right amount. For instance, symptoms like mild joint pain, anxiety, etc., require small doses, while you might need to consider higher amounts when the condition is more severe.  

CBD Dosage Calculation 

The fact remains that you can calculate the amount of CBD your dog needs without depending on the general recommendations of the manufacturer of the product.  Fortunately, the process is pretty simple.  

Here is the required formula: 

0.25-milligram x weight of your dogs (pounds) = Starting dose 

For instance, the starting dose for a dog weighing 20 lbs. is 5.0 mg of CBD


Generally, CBD is non-toxic and safe for pets. Your dog won’t experience the side effect of CBD as long as you avoid overdosing. With the information provided above, you can easily choose the correct dose for your dog.  If you need professional guidance, you should contact a vet doctor who has experience in dog’s CBD dosage. 



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