How Can You Install Deck Footings Without Digging?


Building a deck is the most daunting task because you need to dig multiple holes in the ground for installing a deck. Do you know that you can install deck footings without digging? In the usual process of deck installation, you need to install few vertical posts and you also need to add a frost line to drain out the water during winter. Apart from this, you need to dig the ground to prepare the base of your deck and you must pour concrete for deck footings. Now, you can avoid all such digging process and install deck footings without digging. Here, you can find some tips related to the process that you need to follow.

Install deck footings without digging with deck blocks:

You do not need to spend long hours for digging the ground and making some concrete blocks for your deck. Now you can easily use some readymade deck blocks to avoid this whole digging process. These deck blocks are durable, and they do not get affected by frost and moisture. There are different types of deck blocks available, such as four by four blocks and cross-shaped blocks. You can use cross shaped blocks with some supportive beams, and you do not need to install any intervening post in this regard. These blocks are available in different sizes, and you can choose 5-7 inches blocks for your deck. If you want to install a deck at low height, then you can choose these cross-shaped deck blocks.

But if you want to install a deck at higher level from the ground then you must choose four by four deck blocks. It is better to install a deck with deck blocks lower than 6 ft. Thus, you can easily install deck footings without digging with deck locks and save your time and cost.

How would you use deck blocks?

Deck blocks are mostly used as supportive posts for the foundation. You need to install these blocks with less space. It is difficult to maintain the indentation for the posts because you need to install such blocks according to the size of beams installed at the underneath level. You need to fasten such blocks with the beams. Sometimes, deck blocks can get affected by heavy wind and storm, and they can lift your deck automatically. To avoid such problems, you should not fasten such blocks with the main foundation of your house. You can install such blocks and fasten them with the underground beams, and you must keep them separate from the main foundation of your house.

If you do not have any idea about such deck footings without digging, then you can hire some experts. There are some deck block manufacturers available online and you can contact them for more information.

Install deck footings without digging with post anchors:

Apart from this, you can also install deck footings without digging by post anchors. You can install these post anchors with a jackhammer and secure them within a bracket with screws. You do not need to use concrete membranes for installing such post anchors and you can easily install your deck within a day. These post anchors are rust resistant and they do not get affected by damp soil.

Similar to deck blocks, you can install the space anchors with some spaces, and you can use four by four deck blocks in this regard. Once you install the posts, you need to secure them with the deck plate, and you can drive the anchors though the plate foundation.

So, this was a basic article about how you can install deck footings without digging by using either deck block or anchor posts. So now you can search such deck blocks or anchor posts online and choose the best process for your deck.

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