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How Can A Retail Business Benefit from Product Photography?


The retail industry is highly competitive and generates billions of dollars every year. There are online stores, business profiles on e-commerce pages, individual sellers on small business platforms like Etsy, and more. People sell items on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Some create their own website and dedicate time to market their wares. All of these activities have one thing in common; they all use product photography to influence purchase decisions. Professional product photography can help you get more customers and generate better sales. Here’s a look at some of the biggest benefits of product photography for retail businesses:

1. Utilizing the Visual Medium

People are naturally drawn to images more than text. That’s one of the reasons why movies are often more popular than books. Several customer surveys indicate that product images have a greater influence over a customer’s purchase decision than written descriptions. Ideally, your product page should have both so a customer can understand the full utility of the product. Appealing pictures will draw a customer’s attention and encourage them to investigate the product more thoroughly. The more time a customer spends on the product page, the more likely they are to buy something. That’s one of the reasons why retail businesses are willing to invest a lot of money into product photography.

2. Providing Information

Most people don’t realize that product images provide a lot of information on the item. They underestimate just how many details customers absorb just by looking at a photograph. A good photographer will plan the composition carefully to provide information like:

  • Product size
  • Color and texture
  • Size in comparison to different items or person
  • Utility with the help of background elements
  • Emphasis on different components

Providing this information can help customers make a purchase decision quickly. If you have several descriptive images on your product page, the customer may not have to look elsewhere for more information. They will make their decision based on the information provided on the page.

3. Establishing a Brand Presence

Well-executed product shots can help brands establish a strong presence. You can convey your brand messaging through the product images with the right composition. Experienced photographers know how to tell a story through their images. They plan lighting, placement of background accessories, contrast, colors, and other such components carefully to convey a message precisely. For example, a luxury brand can have images that appear elegant and grand with the careful manipulation of light and shadows. Similarly, an image can appear soft and gentle, which is ideal for companies that sell baby products. Professional photographers take the time to understand their customer’s brand and target audience before they plan the shoot.

4. Being Visible on Competitive Platforms

Competitive platforms like Amazon have millions of sellers and billions of products. Everyone is trying to get customer attention and they are willing to spend a lot of money on product photography. Good quality images can help you become more visible on these competitive platforms. You can stand out in the search results page and attract customer attention.

If you’re not visible on these platforms, it will be difficult to generate enough sales and you will fade into the background. Good-quality images can also be used for social media campaigns and sales.

5. Getting Higher Sales Volume

Many sellers have noticed that their sales volume spike when they switch to better-quality images. For example, if your photograph is old and dated, it will alienate people instead of attracting them. If you upgrade these images and use more polished photographs, more customers will be inclined to invest in your brand.

If you have low sales volume and are struggling to earn sufficient revenue, take another look at your product photography. Are the images blurry? Do they look muddy and old? Are there too many irrelevant and distracting background elements? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you may need better product images.

6. Marketing and Promotion

The visual medium is a big part of marketing and promotion. Businesses appeal to customers by sharing beautiful images of their products and services. Professional product photography is the best way to gain a competitive edge if you want to stand out. That’s especially crucial during the festive season when everyone is competing for attention. 

Many businesses reuse their regular product images and just add a few festive flourishes with the help of editing software. However, you can take a fresh batch of pictures solely for the festive season to gain an edge. While this is a big investment for most businesses, it will deliver good ROI and help you draw more customers. People are more willing to spend during the holidays and you can take advantage of this positive mood to generate more revenue.

7. Impact on Customer Loyalty

The quality of product photography does have an impact on the overall brand image and perception. Customers are more loyal to a brand with impressive and visually-appealing product images. They are also more likely to trust the brand over their competitors. Good-quality images imply that the brand is willing to spend money and resources to present the product in a positive light. Customers will appreciate the additional effort and trust the brand to provide good-quality products.

Customer loyalty can help you build a good base and earn a steady income. Most businesses need a consistent source of revenue to remain afloat. A visual website or business page with many interesting product images can help you maintain that loyalty and attract more long-term customers. Product photography is usually a one-time investment and you can use the images to generate sales for several years. 

As you can see, professionalproduct photographyhas several advantages that make it a worthwhile investment. Hire an experienced and reliable photographer to get the best results. Experts recommend browsing through the studio’s portfolio and speaking with past clients to ensure the business is reliable. A good photographer will make sure your product images are relevant, impressive, and have a positive impact on the brand image.

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