Horse Arena – Importance, Classifications, and Features


Be it for practicing the horse ride or making the horses exercise; you will always need a proper place. Horse area is the right place where you can train your horse and also keep the horse. However, designing a proper arena is not everyone’s forte, especially for someone having no idea about the types of the arena, the purpose of the places, the features, and other factors.

Since building a horse arena is extremely crucial for those who have a horse, we have discussed every basic fact related to this particular space. By the time you will finish this, you will be more knowledgeable than before.

What is a Horse Arena and Why it is Important?

A horse arena is a well-equipped area where the horses can roam freely for exercise and strolling purposes. Arenas are also used for riding the horses properly and practice the game. These areas are kept clean and well-maintained so that the horses and the riders can feel safe while using the arena.

To know more, here we have explained some of the benefits of having a horse arena that you must know about.

With a fenced arena, you will be able to let your horses out so that they can do some exercises, without the fear of them running away in some wrong direction.

Covered arenas are essential for practicing horse riding without worrying about the weather, be it rains or the scorching sun.

Outdoor areas are best for allowing the horses to mingle with nature and be in their territory.

Some areas also have a proper setting to train the horses for special acts like horse races, shows, etc.


There Are Two Types of Horse Arena:

  • Indoor horse area
  • Outdoor horse arena
  • Horse covered round pen

Indoor Arena:

Indoor horse arena is quite different from other buildings and consists of a series of features which you must include, no matter what.

  • Indoor arenas have a special structure which is usually made from woods, laminated frames, and the steels.
  • The size of the arena will be based on the land you have planned for the construction. Most times, the indoor arenas are rectangular with horse spots that can be used when one horse is not participating.
  • Next thing you have to include is the lighting. In the indoor arena, it’s best to include natural lighting more as compared to the artificial ones since that will save a lot of money on the electricity bill.
  • Based on your area’s general climate, the heating and insulation works need to be planned accordingly. Also, make sure the arena is ventilated properly.

Outdoor Arena

Outdoor horse arena needs the least planning, but there are certain pointers you need to be cautious about while designing the plan.

First of all, you will need a fenced structure to keep the horses within a designated area.

Next, make sure the soil has an even slope with no ups and downs in the middle.

Landscaping is essential for building outdoor arenas. The area should have greeneries in the surrounding, which will help the horses to feel closer to nature.

Horse Covered Round Pen

If you have a round ring in your yard, they can consider this type of horse pen. You can add a cover to it; then it will help you create a covered round pen.

The size of the pen may vary between 50” to 70” in diameter


A horse arena is one of the essential constructions that every horse owner or farm should have. It’s both training and riding ground, and hence, without a properly designed arena, you would never be able to ride on the horses properly or train them. Make sure that you hire the right contractor for constructing a horse arena.

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