Homemade beauty hacks for hair

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Homemade beauty hacks for hair


Do you want to keep your hair healthy and strong? Is long and thick hair on your wish list? Do you keep dreaming about natural hair and its great volume? Here are some tips by the best beauty Salon in India for you to get that dream hair look.


Pollution, dust, sun, and dirt make the look impossible to get. So, here we are with our online booking and features of the app; you can get easy hacks and beauty tips for that natural bounce and wavy locks.


  1. A balanced diet plays an important role in hair health

Having a balanced diet is a game-changer. Take the following diets according to hair type:


Normal Hair: Pulses, fish, chicken, sprouts.

Dry Hair: Raw vegetables, brown rice, nuts, pulses.

Oily Hair: Green vegetables, fruits, salads, yogurt.


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  1. Mild shampoo

One of the most important things is to keep your head clean. You can use drop-size of a coin for one wash, it will be more than enough.



For dry hair: Select that doesn’t let strip your hair of natural oils.

For Oily hair: Choose that which limits the activity of the oily scalp



3.Eggs are the best conditioners


Eggs can do wonders for your hair. The yolk that is there is rich in fat and proteins that act in moisturizing and the egg-white helps in removing unwanted oils.


Use egg: to condition normal hair

egg yolks: for dry hair

egg- whites: for oily hair


But do make sure to rinse with lukewarm water. We are the Best Beauty Salon in India that provides premium products and saloon services. And one can easily navigate through Online Booking and features of the app which can make you go through various beauty hacks.


  1. Clean away the itchy scalp


Itchy scalp comes from poor diet, stress, or climate. With a mixture of 2 teaspoons lemon juice, olive oil, and water; anyone can treat it.


  • Massage scalp with this mixture and give rest for 20 minutes.
  • Wash off.


The lemon juice removes dry flakes of the skin whereas the olive oil moisturizes the scalp.

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  1. Honey and olive oil for damaged hair

Sun’s rays can damage it badly and are harmful to your hair. To get rid of it, try honey and olive oil.

  • Massage 1/2 cup honey and 2 tbsp olive oil into damp hair
  • Wash off after 20 minutes.


Olive oil conditions and honey have antibacterial and conditioning features.


  1. For dandruff, use brown sugar

The most common hair problem is dandruff but there is a cure for it.


  • Treat it at home by mixing 2 parts of brown sugar: 1 part of your hair conditioner and lightly rub it to your scalp.
  • Wash off thoroughly.


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  1. Hairfall


Hair fall is an existent problem in our daily life. We are unable to think of anything but Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a perfect choice for healing the scalp and getting the pH balance to normal. It has cleansing properties that clean the pores out.


  • Mix aloe vera gel with half tsp. lemon juice
  • Add 2tbsp. coconut oil.
  • blend it on your scalp and hair.
  • Wash off your hair after 20 min


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8.Graying hair: Hair Color


Gray hair is never welcomed even at the remainder of age. Have you considered a more natural choice that would be perfect for your hair than hair colors that are available in the market. Henna has been coloring agents when mixed with Indigo the results are better. Mix henna and Indigo and let it sit overnight.


These tips help you maintain your hair, so you can have the healthiest hair. It’s very important to hydrate so make sure you drink lots of water and fruits and vegetables. With our products and regular services, you can get healthier and lustrous hair.

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