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Are you moving to a new house or thinking of renovating your home? If yes, then you should definitely go all out! One thing that you might miss out on is changing your home appliances. Here is a list of all the needed home appliances in Pakistan. Reading this blog might make you realize what you have been missing out. 

Air fryers

High cholesterol levels and weight gain is a result of excessive intake of oil. It is increasingly becoming important to cut down oil consumption, which could easily be done if you start using an air fryer. Do not worry as air fryer prices in Pakistan are not very high.

Coffee maker

If you have an immense love for coffee, then this is a must-have appliance for you. Getting a coffee maker would help you get a perfectly blended coffee every morning without consuming a lot of your time. You can also call your friends over for coffee!


Having a microwave makes your life a lot easier. You could just cook the food, freeze it, and put it in the microwave whenever you want to eat it. Within 5 to 10 minutes, you could get warm food without putting in a lot of effort. You could make your favorite popcorn in a microwave too, viola!


If you love baking, then there is no way you could go on without thinking about it. Whether you are making a cake or banana bread, you need to have an oven. Owning your own oven allows you to try out new items such as cookies, croissants, pies, and a lot more.


In the heatwave, you can never forget about having a fridge. If you are moving to a new place, then you should consider getting a new fridge, based on the area provided in the kitchen. This way, your new kitchen could feature a cohesive design.  It is the perfect time for you to get a good looking fridge.


Many people associate a toaster with breakfast and morning meals. Having a toaster would enable you to make some delicious grilled sandwiches at home. You would not have to spend a little too much on eating good sandwiches. What’s more is that you could make easy and fun sandwiches for your kids too.

Air conditioner

This is the second most important thing when we talk about the heatwave in Pakistan. Air conditioners are a must-have during Summers when the Sun begins to shine way too brightly. It is recommended to get an air conditioner for your drawing room too, as you cannot take all the guests to the bedroom.


Whether you are an office worker or a housewife, you must be spending a lot of your leisure time watching TV. You should treat your eyes and get a bigger TV when you are moving to a new house. The bigger the tv, the more luxurious your home would look.

Water dispenser

Getting a water dispenser would make your life a lot easier. As you would neither have to fill up the bottles and wait for them to get cool before drinking cold water, nor you would have to wait for the water to boil. You would be able to get the type of water you desire, with just one press.

Air purifier

If you are precise about your home’s look, then you should also be conscious of the fragrance of your home. Air purifiers would automatically spray your favorite fragrance, after detect the need for it. The best part about an air purifier is you can pick the fragrance you like and replace it when you are bored.

Electric insect killer

The best way to keep the bees, mosquitos, and all the other insects away from your home is to get an electric insect killer. It would wipe out all the insects that could possibly be present in your home without creating any smoke or smell. Getting an electrical insect killer is getting a step closer to hygiene.


Having a 3-in-1 blender in your home would help you do your work more easily and quickly. You could easily make your favorite smoothies, juices, and shakes at home if you have a blender.

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