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Happy Chaos – Super Input Tips For Overwatch

Happy Chaos – Super Input Tips For Overwatch


Throughout the series, Happy Chaos has given commands that can be executed by the player. Some of them are Focus, Rolling forward to avoid attacks, and attacking before the opponent has a chance to strike. Using these tips, you can become the most effective martial artist in the world! But if you don’t know where to begin, keep reading! You’ll soon be a superhuman! Until then, enjoy the series!


In Overwatch, players must balance their Concentration bar and ammo, while also managing the flow of their game. The game is challenging, but it is possible to develop your focus and flow through proper use of supers like Deus Ex Machina and Focus. Using these supers will make your game easier while lowering your Concentration bar. However, this super does not come without some glaring issues.

To use Happy Chaos’s gun effectively, you must have a high concentration level. This move will restore your concentration gauge and slow down its depletion. Using Super Focus also enhances the damage to your Special Aim. With five successful shots, your character will deal the same amount of damage as one overdrive attack. If your opponent is quick, this move will be useful for causing some damage to them. However, if you’re using a melee attack, you must have enough concentration to perform it correctly.

The other key to playing Happy Chaos successfully is to learn to properly manage the various components of the character. You must manage the tools that you use to get the most out of them. Luckily, Happy Chaos can shoot even if he doesn’t have a plus frame. This means that you can take advantage of his revolver during the lack of a plus frame, and the gun allows you to apply significant pressure on your opponents. The special train also slows down the rate at which your concentration meter gets fatigued.

While it might be easy to overlook the negative aspects of Super Input, Happy Chaos is a unique character in Guilty Gear. His design is unorthodox, but his powerful freestyle pressure and confirmability make him an excellent addition to the game’s roster. While some players will be put off by this change, it is well worth it. There is plenty of scope for improvement in the game, and Happy Chaos will certainly be worth playing.

Rolling forward to evade attacks

Arc System Works recently revealed a video featuring a Happy Chaos starter guide. In the video, Arc System Works demonstrates the basic moves, combos, and talents of the character. These moves are also discussed in the beginner’s guide. Below, we look at the main moves that make Happy Chaos so deadly. Hopefully, they’ll help you improve your game. Also, see the video below to get a quick overview of this character’s super inputs.

The Happy Chaos has three spaces making moves. The first is Scapegoat, which summons a copy of itself and moves backward, costing some health. The second move is Curse, which does no damage but moves the player back. Using these moves can help you defend yourself against enemies and make them pay. Rolling forward to evade attacks is a useful tactic for Happy Chaos, but it costs Bullets.

Rolling forward to evade close distance

The player can learn the basic moves and combos for Happy Chaos by watching Arc System Works’ video starter guide. The video covers the basics of the character, including evade, roll forward, and super input. Here are some tips to learn these moves. Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful. Let us know what you think! Do you want to learn how to play Happy Chaos?

The most important thing to remember when rolling forward is that the enemy cannot block while he is preparing his gun. This means that you should be able to dash block a long-range attack while Chaos is reloading. Moreover, you should avoid jumping against HC from the full screen. You can evade close distance by dash blocking against HC whenever the enemy has gaps. Good chaos players can fake reloads.

Rolling forward to attack before he has a chance to strike

Happy Chaos is the third character to be unlocked in the DLC of Guilty Gear Strive. At first glance, he seems a bit weird, but his unique fighting style really shines through when used correctly. Here’s how he works:

Happy Chaos’ homing reticle is orange, and his blasts get more powerful and accurate the longer he is trained. He also has two variants of his stationary shot: his homing reticle turns orange, which signifies a higher-powered shot. Happy Chaos’s stationary shot is most useful for pure pressure but doesn’t work so well in combos. In addition, Happy Chaos has a concentration gauge and a bullet meter. Both will drain more rapidly when he is standing in a firing stance.

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