Hair extension boxes: the right choice to go with


As the make-up market is getting huge due to wide use, the new make-up items are constantly being introduced. One such item is hair extensions that are the most used product in weddings, parties, or other such events. The appealing hairstyles are not possible with the original genuine hair so these extensions are used to fill the volume up. These extensions make any hairstyle look unrealistic and beautiful. With these extensions, you can attain additional length, volume, and even color, and thus can acquire and style? from a bun to a ponytail. The Hair Extension Boxes are used to pack these extensions and have a huge demand in the market. These extensions vary in their style, length, and size and that’s why the boxes are also available in a variety in the market. 

Why hair extension boxes are necessary? 

The hair extensions are made of genuine human hair, either collected from the donors or the barbershops. These extensions contain human hair from the tip to the bottom. Unlike natural hair, which is provided with the blood vessels these extensions do not have any nutrient source. Human hair can grow and any damage can be healed through the continuous supply of blood to their roots but extensions can be healed or recovered once get damaged. That’s why proper packaging is required and hair extension boxes are enough to protect them. 

Of what material these hair extension boxes are made of? 

Hair extensions require extra care and hair extension boxes are prepared according to it. The material for the preparation of these hair extension boxes varies from sturdy corrugated cardboard to the luxury rigid premium Kraft. The material is selected based on its ability to protect the product. The cardboard material is either bought in the form of sheets, or you can buy prepared boxes available in the market. In case, you are buying sheets, you can acquire any design of boxes by using the latest die-cut technology. A fun fact about these boxes is the freedom of customization i.e., you can customize the size or shape according to your desire. Now comes the final stage, printing. In the market latest technology-based, digital printing or screen-printing machines are available for attaining a 3d realistic image. You can get your brand’s logo imposed on these boxes for advertisement. You can introduce a clear-cut window style in these boxes provided with the see-through plastic. Such boxes will make your product visible your product. 

Advantages of using hair extension boxes 

  • Eco-friendly boxes 

The wholesale hair packaging is considered more economical, as the baggy clothes that are used for the packaging can’t be recycled. The cardboard material used for these boxes is eco-friendly and degradable. These display boxes are made of recyclable material, a step to make this world a better place. 

  • Customizable look 

In addition to the shape and design, the print of these boxes can also be customized. The print on these boxes is done by a digital printing method, with numerous options such as gloss UV, matte UV, spot gloss, or matte UV. The gloss print will give them shiny look, while the matte finish will absorb the light and appear to be 3d realistic. The UV finish will protect the box from losing the freshness of its color and bright appearance. Other options include gold or silver foiling, embossing, or window cut to give it a realistic look. 

  • Durability 

The cardboard material of these extension boxes is genuine and good at holding its texture. To protect the delicate hair extension, it is resistant to both weather and water. the cardboard won’t be affected by humidity or the water. even it won’t lose its attractive and firm shape in the presence of heat. Digital printing is responsible for the long-lasting 3d effect that will stay new forever. Die-cut will prepare the boxes without any leftover edges and will give these boxes a fine look.  

  • Enhance the worth of your brand 

Hair extensions have become a necessary part of our make-up wardrobe, with the introduction of new waves in the fashion world, there seems to be a war to get the top position. Despite being efficient at your product quality, the packaging is something that is more visible and you might be surprised by the fact that the packaging is something that can boost your sales up. So, the big organizations have sought the packaging away to hold at the top, more appealing boxing more the appealing your product look and hence more sales. Thus, by acquiring the most realistic packaging you can show the worth of your brand. 

  • Bring your customer at ease 

Customers often worried about their product particularly while shipping, because the product often gets damaged due to the poor-quality packaging. In fact, extra care is required for extremely delicate hair extensions. These custom hair boxes will help your customer to get rid of this headache. They won’t worry about their product and it will help them to develop trust in you which will be beneficial for your organization. 

  • Budget-friendly 

These boxes are not expensive at all and will easily fit in your budget. you do not need to spend extra money on the packaging of your hair products. Both manufacturing or buying the prepared boxes will be cost-effective. These boxes can do for what nothing else can do, the advertisement of your brand. Wherever your product or the packaging will go, it will definitely shout out the reputation of your brand. 

These Hair Extension Boxes can high the level of satisfaction in your customer, which are dazzling enough to give enchanting look to your product. Select the trendy ideas now and get your personal customized boxes for your product, and add some highlights to your product on these shelves along with prominent benefits to your brand.

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