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Cellphone devices have made the world a global village. Nowadays, you don’t need to visit people in person you love. You can make phone calls and interact with the ones you would love to. Moreover, you can use send and receive text messages to send your regards to your friends and family members. However, social media platforms have changed the course of live communication. It empowers you to send messages, make chat conversations, audio-video calls, voice messages, and media sharing. 

Digital phones connected to the internet serve mankind to the next level, but at the same creating multiple issues for certain groups of people. Therefore, they want to get the call history and all other activities supposed to perform on mobile devices. Let’s get to know about those who want to do that.

Who wants to get the call history on cellphones?

There are certain groups of people that want to monitor the call logs of someone’s mobile device. Parents are the ones who want to track call history on kid’s cellphone devices to know to whom they used to talk all day long. 

Moreover, employers used to provide digital phones to their employees for customer service and many other activities. Nowadays, the business wants to get the call logs of employees to know to whom they talk in working hours to keep an eye on their productivity. Therefore, parents and employers are looking forward to getting their hands on a screen recording app.

What is TheOneSpy screen recorder software?

It is a sub –feature of TOS cellphone tracking software. It was developed and designed for the surveillance of kid’s cellphone activities to make sure their safety. Moreover, you can use it to keep an eye on your employee’s activities in working hours. You can install cellphone monitoring software on your kid’s or employees devices and activate its web portal to use its features to upload the information in such as call history.

 Moreover, you can use features like screen recorder on android, call logs, screenshots, GPS location tracking, browsing history, remote monitoring, email spy, and plenty of others. The application is easy to install and easy to use and it became very helpful for your kids and for your employees too. You can get its subscription easily within your range of price. Let’s get to know about the devices on which you can use it. 


Before subscribing for TOS make sure its compatibility with the target devices.  It is compatible with all kinds of Android cell phones and tablet devices up to OS version 10 and so on. It works secretly on the target device and remains invisible and uploads the information to the online dashboard. 

How to get TheOneSpy cellphone screen recording app?

If you want to monitor call history on your kids and employees’ mobile devices and you want to know every activity they perform, then you should have access to the official webpage of TheOneSpy.  Now you need to visit its subscription page and get the license suitable for you. You will receive an instant email. Check your email account and get your hands on the credentials. 

Furthermore, get physical access to your target cell phone and start the installation process. Once you have ended up with the process then you can activate it on the target device. Further, you can use the password and ID that you got earlier and then use it to activate the online web control panel. Furthermore, visit the powerful and advanced feature that empowers you to get your hand on the call history.

Use TheOneSpy powerful features to monitor call history 

Live screen recording

Users can go to the web portal and get your hands on the features and activate the screen recorder software. It certainly starts the screen recording of the target cell phone device at the time the target device user is making or receiving phone calls. It will send the recorded videos of the cell phone screen and send it to the online web control panel. You can watch the live recorded videos of the target device screen and get the recording of call history.

Call logs

Users can get the call logs of incoming and outgoing calls using secret call recording monitoring software on the target device.


Users can schedule plenty of screenshots at once using an online web control panel when the target device user is making calls on mobile and delivers to the dashboard.


TheOneSpy screen recording on android is the most advanced and powerful tool that enables you to get the call history on the target device. It is effective for digital parenting and for employee monitoring. 


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