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Forex Fury: Best Settings

Forex Fury: Best Settings

Automation and technology seem to be all anyone can talk about for the past few years. Not to mention, more and more traders are turning to automated trading solutions, increasing the number of Forex robots available. Among the plethora of market options, one seems to stand the test of time, and it is Forex Fury.

Instead of going the typical route of a long-term trading strategy, this Forex Robot does it differently. It provides verified Myfxbooks results along with settings proven to show desired outcomes. 

So you may wonder what are these settings and how do they work? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this Forex Fury review! Read on to find out how you can use customized settings to your benefit with this Forex EA.

Forex Fury: An Overview

Before jumping into the settings, you may want an overview of this Forex EA, particularly if you haven’t used it. Essentially, Forex Fury is a robot designed to make your online trading simpler and more successful.

Perhaps the best feature of this expert advisor is that it facilitates multiple pairs. Besides, it uses advanced algorithms to get a complete picture of market conditions to reduce investment risks. That means you need not go through the trouble of studying the intricacies of profitable trading strategies.

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How Does Forex Fury Work?

By all means, Forex Fury is a top-notch EA for automated Forex trading strategies. Nevertheless, you may have certain questions regarding how the AI-powered agent works exactly and what are the optimum settings for it.

Well, the first thing to remember is this Forex Robot does not use the same settings for all trading types. Yes, this Forex EA offers a plethora of settings in the form of powerful algorithms to suit varying trader needs.

Test Multiple Pairs But One At A Time

For the most profitable performance, consider testing multiple pairs through Forex Fury. That said, whenever you’re testing a pair, focus solely on it instead of trying to analyze several together.

That way the Forex EA can use multiple functions on a single pair, which ensures the best utilization of resources. The best practice for this testing period is to install the MT4 platform and start a couple of demo accounts. Not only are these accounts free but they have no limitations either, something no other Forex Robot provides.

Test Timings

When it comes to automated Forex trading, time is a crucial element. The time you fix has a massive influence on the profitability and market potential of a Forex Robot. Consider trading for only one hour for a performance that is both efficient and risk-free. 

The recommended time for trading is between 4-5 pm EST or 9-10 pm GMT. Or you may also find 8-11 pm EST or 2-4 am GST to be more profitable for you.

In the testing phase, choose a different period for each demo account. Also, find out your GMT from your online broker to fix the trading time as per that.

Recommended Forex Fury Settings

With Forex Fury, even the simplest of settings can go a long way. Try these settings on one of your demo accounts to see how well they work for you. While these should land you with sustainable profits, feel free to switch to settings you feel worked better through testing.

Set TP To 5

A smart move is to lower your trading profit margin to 5. This way you still earn thrilling profits through your daily trading but on a relatively risk-free scale.

Set SL To 55

Typically, you will find that traders say they had the most success with a TP of 5 and an SL of 40. However, you may find it advantageous to have a Selling Loss that’s higher than your TP. When you increase your SL to 55, it enhances the potential of finding good deals and accumulating more profits.

Set Range Trading To True

Forex Fury is an EA optimized to provide maximum profits through short-term trading. For this reason, traders may benefit from turning on the range trading option.

Set One Set Per Duty To True

Along similar lines to range trading, you may want to consider turning on the one set per duty option. The reason being, it helps you make complete use of the Forex EA for a single trading pair. It also increases the Forex Robot’s efficiency ensuring you face minimal risk and better prospects for financial gain.

Set Max Spread To 5

Often, traders feel that a high spread will better secure profits. Well, this is true and has been proven across many clients. However, keep your max spread at 5 to ensure your Forex EA works with the necessary risk awareness.

Set The Remaining Settings To Default

You may leave any other settings as they are in the EA. Of course, when you alter your setting, you increase the chances of making profits. However, keep in mind that the default settings are also optimally designed. That means, they work with the most responsive and advanced algorithms.

For this reason, clients who choose to stick to the default settings also rake in considerable profits.

Why Use Forex Fury?

When you rely on Forex Fury, all you will ever need to do is track growth trends now and then. It eliminates the need to be conscious of every indicator out there while making a trading decision. 

Not only that, but the Forex EA also simplifies trading pairs. It promises a safe, risk-free trading process along with sustainable and sufficient profits. So without a doubt, the result is long-term growth.

No matter what your need is, you can be sure that Forex Fury has an appropriate setting for you.


Wrap Up

Whether you’re a professional trader or a Forex newbie, Forex Fury has something for you. Particularly if what you want is a trading experience that is comfortable and involves minimal effort. We hope that this Forex Fury review gives you some insight into what settings can work best.

That said, remember that every trader is different. So keep testing different settings to find one that works perfectly for you as a trader!

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