For Business Trip: 8 Ways to Pack Lightly On Your Vacation


The Traveling Minimalist: 8 Ways to Pack Lightly On Your  Vacation

Whether you are packing for a vacation or going on a business trip, it is helpful to travel light. Minimalists will have an advantage during holidays because they can save more, and they can move much faster. Once you choose to pack light, you will have a much easier life on the road.

Recently, a lot of airlines all over the world now have strict rules when it comes to baggage. These rules make it more reasonable as to why we should pack light when traveling. If you don’t follow these regulations, you may be barred from entering a country you’re trying to visit. 

No matter how long your vacation is going to be, you need to pack light. If you’re going to travel, travel right. Here are some additional tips on how to pack like a minimalist.

Consider Fees and Taxicabs When Packing

Transport by taxi to your hotel can be another hassle if you don’t pack lightly. You’ll be liable to pay extra fees for late-night fares, airport pickups, and baggage. Some taxi agencies even charge individual baggage. You could also have potential trouble in packing your bags. In some other countries where small vehicles are standard, your big luggage might not even fit in the trunk.

Dress It Up or Down

Lightweight and wrinkle-resistant separate outfits that can go casual or dressy make the most of every inch of packable capacity. During the day, wear semi-formal tops then pair it with cargo pants. In the evening, pair them with a tube skirt that is wrinkle-free and ballet flats for a more sophisticated look.

Pack the Things That You Need, Not the Items You Want

It’s very easy to get carried away when you’re packing for a vacation. Most of the time, we bring in items that we won’t even use during trips. If it is your first big tour, you might think about packing a lot of things just because it feels comforting. Packing a lot of stuff will just weigh you down. Try to pack less and focus only on the right essentials.

Bring the Right Footwear

Shoes are one of the essentials you should bring on your trip. However, footwear can take up the most space in your luggage. Try bringing in a single pair of shoes that you can use for everything when you’re traveling. Consider wearing flip flops on your trips so you’ll feel comfier and light.

Be a Minimalist When It Comes to Toiletries

You don’t have to bring a lot of toiletries with you if you’re out on vacation. You only need to bring your toothbrush and some other personal stuff as well. Skip on bringing rolls of toilet paper as a lot of hotels provide them for free.

It’s also advisable that you bring a recommended amount of liquids such as perfume, alcohol, and soap. Airport security will confiscate any container that has an excessive amount of fluids. Make sure you leave behind those expensive perfumes and lotions at home as security personnel won’t compromise on anything.

Put on the Bulkiest Things in Transit

It’s not just applicable for shoes, but also clothing too. Thick jeans which take up much room in the suitcase. If you do have to pack heavy clothing, try wearing them on if they’re not much of a burden for you. By putting on heavy clothing, you avoid having to carry around a heavier bag. 

Carry Versatile Items Instead of Special-Case Items

Focus on things that you can use all the time. You should think twice about bringing items that you’ll only use on particular occasions. For example, you can just borrow or rent some equipment. If there is an unexpected situation on your travel, you can mostly find an inexpensive temporary fix instead of bringing something “just-in-case stuff” for your whole trip.

Avoid Packing More Than One Week’s Worth of Outfits

It is much easier to wash your clothes than to pack a week’s worth of clothes. Choose some flexible favorites outfits with an everyday color palette so that you can just easily mix-and-match your clothes.


Being a minimalist during vacations can be very advantageous. For one, you can save more money, and you can move faster. You might be tempted to bring a lot of stuff, but resist the urge. Only bring the necessary items that you know you’ll be able to use.

Remember, you’re going on holiday to relax and have fun. Don’t bring a lot of stuff that only adds stress to your journey. Instead of lugging around heavy bags, enjoy the wind and waves of your destination by packing like a minimalist.


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