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Flowers – the Perfect Gift for Every Occasion


Flowers symbolize many things – love, affection, purity. You can pick out a floral arrangement for every occasion and gifting possibilities. Flowers as a gift allow you to explore diversity at every point. That is the reason why everyone adores a handpicked bouquet or floral arrangement as a gift for every occasion.

Now every flower conveys a message to the gift receiver. While a red rose may convey your love for someone, a white lily symbolizes purity. Hence, the colours of the different flowers have more significance when it comes to gift-giving.

Let us venture the different flowers and what they signify:

  • Yellow flowers:

Yellow is the perceived colour of sunlight that represents confidence, happiness, optimism, and friendliness. The meaning of flowers that are yellow gives you a wide gifting range for all occasions.

The colour is so bright and radiating that it extends positivity from you to the gift receiver. The significance of flowers that are yellow stems from the Mayan culture. Even Greece and ancient Egyptian culture have significantly been involved in the use and gifting of yellow flowers arrangements and bouquets.

When you gift someone a bright yellow flower, you signify how pure your intentions are; that you want nothing but the very best for them. Because of how significant yellow colored flowers have been through history, this colour is the most commonly gifted one to friends, family, and other acquaintances.

  • Red flowers:

Red is the colour of love, passion, and belongingness. Red-coloured flowers are given to people you deeply care for. There is a romantic inclination in the gift of red flowers. These kinds of flowers are best suited for people who are closer to you emotionally. Gifting red floral arrangements to the ones who do not have any romantic attachment to you may be unable to comprehend the wish your bouquet will come with. 

  •   White flowers:

What can be purer than the sign of peace? White flowers signify remembrance, fondness, and purity. These flowers have been deeply associated with close-knit people. A goodbye is best spoken with a white flower bouquet. Hence, it is an excellent parting gift for close friends, family, and other acquaintances. More like a nostalgic moment, white flowers remind the gift receiver of fond times in the past and assure them of all the happy moments to come. Hope is the reflection in white flowers.

  •  Blue flowers:

Just like the yellow flowers, blue flowers too have an individual friendly touch to them. The recipients of this gift are the ones that you form the closest bonds with. The ones that you care for deeply will be touched at the sight of a blue floral bouquet.

Many of the floral arrangements that contain a series of colours are hand-arranged to make sure the same emotions are reflected the right way. The combinations of red, blue, white, and yellow floors though are a very rare occurrence, but can still be requested. You may usually find a variety of two or three colours to convey the wishes of the giver. Look for flower arrangements online before gifting a bouquet.

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