Facts About Vaping That You Should Know


Vaping is the latest trend among teenagers and young adults. The e-cigarettes industry has faced a sudden boom all around the world, especially in Pakistan. The majority of people think that vaping is safer and less harmful than smoking, which is completely true. Vapes are easily available and there is no identification required to Buy Vape Online

Before starting with your vaping venture, here is a list of facts that you should keep in mind:

Less Harmful Than Smoking

Electronic cigarettes heat tobacco extracts, known as nicotine and other flavours, to create a chemical known as aerosol for us to inhale. A normal cigarette contains 7,000 different types of toxic chemicals, whereas the chemicals used in e-cigarettes are safer. It has been established that these chemicals are not toxic. Therefore, if you switch to vaping from smoking, you can observe a significant number of health benefits in your li

Avoiding Addiction:

According to studies,  both e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes contain nicotine that is as addictive as methamphetamine and cocaine. Many e-cigarettes consumers get much more nicotine than a tobacco product—you can buy extra-strength cartridges with higher nicotine doses, or you can add the e-cigarette voltage to reach the drug more.

The addiction to them can cause you as much damage as you think that a regular cigarette will cause you. A lot of people fail to understand one simple fact that nicotine causes addiction, not the thing that you choose to consume that thing from. 

However, when it comes to vapes, you can easily adjust the level of nicotine, in order to avoid this addiction. 

Getting common in GenZ:

Vapes are more common with young people than any regular tobacco product. Surgeons from around the world estimated in 2015 that e-cigarette use had risen 900 per cent among high school students and 40% of young people who had never previously smoked cigarettes. 

There are three reasons why young people might be especially attracted to vapes. Firstly, many individuals choose this option as vaping is less dangerous than smoking. Secondly, vapes cost less than standard cigarettes peruse. Finally, the cartridges are also made of flavours, such as apple pie and watermelon that attract younger consumers. 

The lack of smoke appeals to young people and adults alike. Without the scent, the smoking shame is minimized with a vape.

Not a smoking alternative:

Vapes can not help you quit smoking. They have been marketed as an aid to help consumers to stop smoking, but they are not an alternative for smoking. With that said, if you are aiming to quit your smoking habits, you can gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke, along with increasing your reliance on vapes and vape pens.

Vaping is not a drug:

The most common question that people often ask is that, is vaping a drug or not? To clear this doubt, vaping is not considered as a drug, but just like smoking, drinking, or injecting, it can be a source to deliver drugs inside your body. So the short answer is, the vape is not a drug, of course, just like a cigarette is not a drug.

Can be used without nicotine:

You can get a wide range of flavoured e-juices from the market. The choice is yours, whether to use the vape with nicotine or without it. Using a vape without nicotine can in fact be helpful for you, as you will not intake a large amount of nicotine, therefore, the addiction can be reduced. 

If you vaporise nicotine, you’re still more likely to get a heart attack and stroke, but if your vapour helps you stop tobacco, you’re lowering your chances of cancer, lungs like disease, and other nasty effects. We know that high-quality e-juice, used with a well-designed high-end vape pen or mod, is safe.

Healthier than smoking:

It is absolutely possible to vape with whatever volume of nicotine that the user wishes; that means it is easy to turn from smoking to vaping potentially and eventually burn out the entire nicotine. After all, nicotine is a threat to heart wellbeing, while other smoking agents lead to lung disease, asthma, deterioration and other diseases. 

Thus, vaping is undoubtedly better when compared simply to smoking – and since vaping can help smokers stop smoking, vaping is a strongly good thing for the public’s well being.

Learning new things is never a bad option. If you are an excessive vaper too, these unknown facts will make you reconsider your choice.

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