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Everything You Need To Know About Praxis EMR Software

Praxis EMR Software


Praxis EMR – Company Introduction 

Are you on the search for an EMR system that is designed specifically for you and your needs? You’re in luck since we have something in store for you. Praxis EMR is an award-winning medical software provider that has been in the industry for 25 years. 


The company was formed on the premise that no two doctors are the same. Keeping this in mind, it offers unique solutions for all existing medical specialties. It features an intuitive artificial intelligence, called Concept Processing, which learns how a practice operates and then adapts to it. 

Top Features of Praxis EMR 

No Template Design 

Praxis EMR believes that in-built templates make charting difficult and slower. Hence, a no template design is offered. The intelligent EMR system understands how doctors deal with different patients and illnesses and then inputs these findings on a bell-shaped learning curve. Practitioners define how notes are documented and in what style. 


With this no-template design, users can save up to 2 and a half hours each day of wasted time when charting notes on in-built templates. This will not only increase productivity but will enable doctors to provide greater care to patients. 

Cloud-based Operations

This user-friendly system enables its users to operate the system from any location imaginable. Since the software is hosted on the cloud, clients only require an internet connection to have 24/7 access to the system. Additionally, practitioners decide which device to operate the EMR software on. There is no need to invest in expensive hardware as it can be used on laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. 

Interactive Patient Portal 

A user-friendly patient portal is offered that saves time instead of wasting it. Central Processing is not just limited to charting but also makes processes faster in the portal. The latter customizes the experience for each patient by enabling only those features that a doctor wants. Through this feature, patients can directly communicate with care providers, read discharge reports and request prescription refills. 


Patients can use the portal to fill check-in forms and consent forms at home so that no time is wasted before a scheduled appointment. 

Effortless Medicine Prescription 

SureScripts is a third-party app that Praxis EMR uses as a efficient e-prescribing tool that gets the job done in a matter of seconds. This competent system connects to virtually all pharmacies in the United States. Medicines prescribed are electronically shared with pharmacies before an appointment ends. Requests for prescription refills are also entertained through this feature. 


Additionally, lab test orders are directly sent to laboratories. Hence, time is not wasted over fax and phone calls. Test results are integrated into the system and are available in the lab inbox as well as the patient portal. 

Powerful Research Tool

Praxis EMR acts as a powerful research center for the practices that use it. It enables users to ask questions, the answers of which it systematically provides. The Praxis DataMiner crawls through heaps of information to find only the crucial data for a practitioner’s requirement. Users can either opt for pre-defined scenarios or use their own queries to carry out research. With this feature, doctors can conclude analyses pertaining to health maintenance, clinical studies, and drug trials, among others. 

Pricing of Praxis EMR 

This powerful and intelligent system is charged at a starting price of $219/month per provider. For the convenience of potential clients, a free demonstration of the system is available on its website. To access it, doctors would have to fill an easy and short form on the website. 

Pros and Cons of Praxis EMR 

Probably the most essential part of this Praxis EMR review are the benefits and drawbacks that have been reported by users of the system. Keep on reading to know what other industry specialists have to say about their experiences with the medical software. 


  • Live customer support resolves queries promptly 
  • Customization has enabled users to operate the system the way they want to 
  • A significant amount of time is saved when documenting notes 


  • Difficult to understand the system and its features at the start 
  • Patients found the portal a little tricky to use

Praxis EMR: Worth an Investment? 

This Praxis EMR review highlighted the system’s top features along with the benefits and drawbacks as witnessed by its users. Praxis EMR includes a novel artificial intelligence feature that understands how a facility works and then adapts to them. While we believe the system comprises advanced tools, your final decision should be based on whether your requirements are being fulfilled by the system’s offerings. We recommend trying out the free demo to see if the system works for you or not. 

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