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Everything You Need to Know About Electric Dog Fence Installation


You need to be very careful if you are going to keep a pet dog in your house. The creature requires every possible need a human has, and you have to take care of all of them. Timely food, taking enough care, a comfortable place to sleep and hang around, and necessary protection- that is all your pet will require to live a healthy and safe life. As the master, you must be empathetic to the creature and understand the needs at the right time.

Why install the electric fence?

Human beings have a lot of responsibilities, and they can easily forget to close the main door of the yard while going to the market or keep the broken fence without repair for days. But the dogs are not that intelligent, and they may try to use these opportunities to come out of the boundary and may face some unprecedented dangers that may become life-threatening at times.

For the security of the pet dogs and to keep that within the house’s boundary, you need to opt for the electric dog fence installation. You can contact leading manufacturing companies for a high-quality product, and they will provide the installation too. Otherwise, you can buy the product yourself and use the do-it-yourself manual to complete the installation of the invisible electric fence.

You can do some research before you become confident about the system. You can be assured that the pets will be safe in this process as the correctness provided by the wires will only feel like a tickle to their skin to keep them alert of not crossing the house’s boundary. You have to make the dog learn the process of staying inside after getting the imperceptible shock.

Let’s install

When you finally agree to do the electric dog fence installation in the boundary of your house, you must be ready for the installation process. The process becomes easier and stronger if the physical boundary is already there around your house and garden. The pet must be trained enough to play within the garden and not cross the boundaries, how much longer they may be.

You need to start with buying the system suitable to your needs. So, follow the steps mentioned below for easy understanding-

  • Identify the area you are willing to use as the boundary and install the system. In general, the ready-made products offer a maximum of 25 acres of land to be taken under the system using quality wires for durability. Besides this basic system, you can choose high-end systems with a better transmitter to work in much larger areas. Though the system’s package contains 500 meters of wire useful for covering only one-third of an acre, you can buy extra wire to install the system for transmitting the signal within larger areas.
  • You need to keep in mind that the wire must have come back in the loop from where the connection started for the system to work. So, you need that much wire to cover your plot both ways. You can draw the plot with all the angles in the boundary for making the electric dog fence installation easy and successful.
  • The electric fence can be of both kinds, either underground or above the ground. If you are going with the above-ground version, you have to consider the safety of the wire and the effectiveness of the system as a whole.
  • The transmitter must be kept under-protected places like the garage or under any shades to not get fused for the aboveground system. To avoid any potential risks, make sure you are not installing the transmitter around your home’s electric appliances.
  • The underground wires are more effective than the above-ground ones. You have to be careful that the wires are buried at least for two-three inches to avoid casualties; when installed above the ground, the chances of trimming them or getting tipped over become regular issues. Moreover, the effectiveness also gets hampered.
  • You have to customize the system as per your pet and its characteristics. The intensity of the shock must match with the power and nature of the dog you have.
  • Also, you need to ensure the distance under which you want to notify your pet from the boundary. The indoor transmitter needs to be adjusted for this purpose. You have to decide on the distance as you can keep 30 feet or a step to the boundary depending on your system.
  • Besides all these, you need to make sure the little creature is at ease, and after the complete electric dog fence installation, the pet is getting enough room to play around in the sunlight under the open sky.


The manufacturers mention ready-to-install packages at a much cheaper rate, and you can install them within just one hour maybe. But you have to be very specific about the other requirements while installing the system for your lovable pet.

  • Ensure you are not running the system’s wire along with other wires like television, telephone, cable, electricity, and more and must avoid crossing the wire with the power cables.
  • If you don’t know completely about the power distribution in your home, contact the local electrician and get the necessary information before the electric dog fence installation.
  • You must not keep the transmitter in a place from where it can get wet or overheated and make some unavoidable circumstances or accidents.
  •  If the place in your yard has some water sources at some definite place, make sure to cover the wire with polyvinyl chloride to avoid accidents with electrocution.
  •  Ensure the pet has some space in the boundary to enter into the garden or yard from home.
  • The dog must be learned well enough to understand the shock it will receive in its collar tied at the neck, and it must not freak out with the sensation. You need to make it ready for the system. It will take two-three days to learn the system and behave the way it should be.

Your job does not end that early. You can depend on the electric fence for keeping your dog safe within the boundary, but you must not become completely relaxed as you have to keep the accessories in control with proper care. You have to change the batteries of the collar every three to six months. If your dog is prone to cross the boundary very often, the battery may die out soon.

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