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Diwali Celebrations: History And It’s Dark Side


Diwali is a magnificent festival celebrated by the entire nation with immense excitement, enthusiasm, firecrackers, vivid display of lights, and amazing Diwali gifts. The festival also commemorates the triumph of light over darkness. Nonetheless, there are several legends that are recited about the festival.

Diwali is an extraordinary and unique festival that traverses the whole nation. Beautiful Rangolis, radiant and brilliant lights, and fireworks offer a treat to the beholders filling the atmosphere with joy and excitement. Diwali is considered one of the most important festivals for Hindus. People celebrate with family, friends, and relatives and reunite with their loved ones as it is also considered a time for reconciliation. 

Delicious sweets, snacks, and goodies are made in homes in generous proportions to share with friends, relatives, and neighbors. The festival of lights is said to be a five-day celebration, however, its aftereffects seldom endure for a few more days. The new moon night is made more beautiful and irradiated with amazing fireworks and vivid light displays.

There exist various sagas for the festival of lights, spiritual authorities debate on which legend actually started the Diwali festival. Going by the order of Lord Vishnu’s embodiments, it is clear that Lord Ram came prior to Lord Krishna. Therefore, it is quite rational to come to the conclusion that this tradition started in the time of Lord Ram. However, the argument is still ongoing and nobody has arrived at a reasonable outcome yet.

Lord Ram’s Homecoming

The commemoration of the festivals in the northern precinct of the country differs by one day when correlated to the southern precincts. Up north, the festival indicates the homecoming of Lord Ram, who was a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, to Ayodhya after serving an expatriate for fourteen long years. He returned after rescuing Sita from the clutches of the evil king of Lanka, Ravan, slaying Ravan in the process. Therefore, the celebration is believed to have originated from that time onwards.

Down south, however, it is a different folklore completely. The myth is that there was an evil king known as Narakasura who had been torturing people for quite a long period. Lord Krishna later annihilated Narkasur. Lord Krishna is considered another embodiment of Lord Vishnu. People commemorated this event every year after that with great enthusiasm and Diwali sweets & diwali gift express delivery. So, the festival is believed to have continued from then onwards.

The Gloomy Side Of The Festival Of Lights

Like a coin that has two sides, the festival of light also has a ‘Darker’ side. The fireworks business in the country is based just in southern India’s one district in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. The whole business is deregulated, even after having various standards specified by the government, and the businesses rarely obey. One among the major worries of the NGOs and government is that this business utilizes child labor to a large extent.

The constitution of India doesn’t permit children under fourteen years of age to be hired in dangerous establishments. Even though such actions breach the constitutional liberty, efforts made by the governments to implement the law appear to be ineffective. People of the area notice mishaps, major or minor, in the factories every now and then. The administration has imposed and made orders banning the hiring of children in these types of industries. Breach of these policies will invite a massive penalty and other vindictive actions like a prison duration and cancellation of the permit allocated for operating the factory.

The Divide In Indians

Most people of the country take part in the festive revelries with sheer excitement and enthusiasm, but there exists an extremely small part who assert their opinions in opposition to such commemorations. The majority of these people are part of various NGOs fighting for the rights of children or worried about the environment. A representative of one such NGO mentioned that he disavowed the festival as child labor is used for the firecrackers people enjoy. Another NGO alleges fireworks to be deleterious to the previously corrupted atmosphere, as the smoke and harmful gases discharged from them damage the environment. Instead, order Diwali sweets online and celebrate at home with family and friends.

On the other hand, we have the opposite group which states that these festivities have continued for centuries and it is imperative for the existing contemporaries to follow suit. Despite these disparities in views, Diwali 2020 should be honored with the same joy and excitement as it was done every year.

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