Debunking the Latest Portable Power Generator Myths That Exist Today

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Did you know that about 12% of households in the US own a portable power generator? In most cases, owners use these devices as a power backup solution during grid outages. Some also rely on them when camping or visiting the beach for a day or two.

If you own a portable generator or are considering getting one, you’ve heard so many things about them. Unfortunately, not all the information out there about these devices is trustworthy. Here, we debunk some of the most common myths you’ll hear about generators today.

We’ll also mention some facts to help you learn more about them and discuss ways to maintain safety during usage.

  1. Generators Only Run on Gasoline

One common myth about portable generators is that they only operate using gasoline. While most of the models available in the market may use gas, it’s not the only power source. Manufacturers are now releasing different types of generators which can use propane or solar energy as a power source.

The ones that rely on propane or liquefied petroleum gas burn the compressed liquid to produce heat and energy. They then release ammonia gas as a byproduct.

A solar generator comes with a battery that stores energy from UV rays. In most cases, they need about six hours to charge using sunlight. Still, you can fully power up the battery with A/C electric power for approximately eight hours.

  1. All Portable Generators Are Loud and Smelly

Some people are skeptical about getting a portable generator because they are known to be loud. Some also hate the smell that is mainly associated with diesel models.

While older portable generators may be loud and obnoxious, newer ones produce less noise. Besides, those using other power sources like solar and propane are eco-friendly and don’t produce smelly gas. They also run with less noise, which may sound like a soft whirl or hum.

  1. Portable Generators Are Only for People Living Off the Grid

Another common misconception about portable generators is that they are only suitable for people with no grid connection. Others also believe that they are mainly necessary for essential service facilities, like hospitals.

Portable generators are now available in many types, suitable for all households. If you love camping, you can get one to power up your RV as you spend days on the road or in the woods.

These devices are also suitable for many outdoor activities, like:

  • Barbecuing
  • Fishing
  • Fairs
  • Parades
  • Picnics
  • Tailgating

Apart from these uses, portable generators are perfect for hurricane-prone regions. Instead of staying in the dark during the next storm, get this device to keep your home warm, safe, and comfortable.

  1. The Size of a Portable Generator Doesn’t Matter

Generators come in different sizes, which determine the power output. While you may prefer a small model, it’s crucial to get one to meet all your needs. First, determine how many kilowatts you need the power generator to have.

Besides, consider the appliances you will be powering and the time you need them to run. Using this information, you can then pick the best electric generator size. This measure also prevents wasting money buying a piece of equipment that will not be very useful.

  1. Picking the Best Portable Generator Is Hard

Most people dread shopping for portable generators because there are many factors to consider. However, searching for the most suitable one doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Before picking a particular brand, it’s crucial to learn more about its features,

Ask yourself various questions, like how long does Jackery last? Is a Tacklife generator suitable for my intended use? Is the generator’s fuel ideal for my environment? Besides, do I need a solar or a fuel-powered electric generator?

Answering these questions can help you pick the best portable generator model. It also guides you in determining the most vital aspects to look for in such an appliance.

If you are still unsure about the device to buy, consider looking for a review online. Other than that, read articles discussing the features of various models and comparing several brands.

By doing this, you will have more insights into how each of the portable generators works. Further, you can determine if any of these models tend to get less effective or develop defects after prolonged use.

  1. Portable Generators Don’t Need Regular Maintenance

Like all machines, portable generators need regular maintenance to work well. Taking proper care of this equipment also reduces the number of repairs needed and saves money. If you are unsure how to maintain your portable generator, hire an expert.

These handle all the technical preventative practices to ensure the essential components are working well. The technician will inspect the generator during the servicing appointment to confirm that external parts have no damage.

If the model uses fuel, they may take a sample from the bottom and test it for substances that can affect the engine. On the other hand, if you use a solar-powered one, the expert will check whether the panels have optimum power generation. They’ll also test the batter to identify the signs of deterioration.

  1. It’s Safe to Plug Your Generator Into An Electrical Outlet

Back feeding or connecting your portable generator to a power outlet is a dangerous and illegal practice. When you do this, electricity will flow to the main panel and all appliances in the house.

Depending on the capacity of your generators, this practice can send extremely high and deadly voltages to the utility lines. Such may damage your appliances and lead to fatal shocks.

The safest way to power your home with a portable generator is by using a transfer switch. This device will safely draw energy and supply it to everything connected to your circuit breaker panel.

Get More Facts About a Portable Power Generator

Learning more about a portable power generator is the best way to avoid believing rumors and common myths.

This measure also helps you understand your appliance better or determine the best one to buy. If you would like more information about generators, browse this page now to read other articles.

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Did you know that about 12% of households in the US own a portable power generator? In most cases, owners use these devices as a power backup solution during grid outages. Some also rely on them when camping or visiting the beach for a day or two. If you own a portable generator or are…

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