The Beginner’s Guide To Create An Ideal Flyer Design


Here in this guide, you will be going through the simplest yet quick to cultivate flyer designing stages. Create flyer online free with us in just a matter of time. Explore the free flyer designs and accrete something best out of it to acknowledge the virtue flyers prosper around.

Step 1: Search for Flyer templates.

You landed here to get your custom flyers baked. So here you go!

Within the dashboard page, you’ll find all categories of marketing materials listed around. First of all, choose “Flyers” and press the search button.

Mass of flyer templates appears on your screen, which isn’t subjected to any specific group of flyers. So you can thumb through wander and find out what suits best to your field of business.

Step 2: Type in the exact category

While you type in your material category, i.e., “Flyer,” you also get some tags defining separate flyer categories. Choose one matching your marketing criteria, i.e., offers, sales, education, sports, etc.

By categorized search, you get direct access to the flyer templates you were searching for. Tap on the tags that appear below and press the ‘Search’ button.

We chose “Event” here and pressed Search and got availed with a bunch of Event flyer template. As seen in the picture below.

Step 3: Alternate way to browse the template

Just on the left of the Dashboard, you’ll find the “Create New” button, as illustrated in the picture. This is either way, to search for flyers.

As soon as you tap on the “Create New” button, you get the screen as below:

Step 4: Have a custom-sized Flyer.

You tap on “Flyers” and move ahead. But wait! The first cell reading “Custom Size” with a plus sign allows you to create a flyer with the dimension you prefer.

Tap on it, and you’ll get two editable tabs where you need to enter your flyer’s width and height. Make sure the figure you enter for both: width & height should fall between 50-3000.

Step 5: Introducing editor screen

Now comes your playground, after opting for either way to access the flyer templates. Also herein, you get different categories to cast from.

You can browse well from the available templates or even create from scratch – by adding background, image, text, and stickers however you require.

Step 6: Select a suitable template.

As an illustration, we considered the “Blog & Lifestyle” category. You can hand-pick what favors your need. A wise choice can lead to minor tweaks.

Step 7: Edit & Layer your flyer

Tap on any of your template elements. You’ll find two sections, namely: Editor & Layer, on the right of your screen.

Step 8: Introducing 3D-Editor

With a premium subscription, you can access 3D-Editor to get the standardized texts and shapes in 3D appearance. This can be seen in the picture below.

Single out the text or shape you want to include and proceed towards a 3D space to adjust the perspective and envision how the entity may look.

Step 9: Add image/background

Just in case if you are not pleased with the image, you can add on one or more images under the section “Add Image.”

You can enter the image prerequisites in the search bar, and instantly, many images show up. Also, you don’t need to worry about it as they are royalty-free and ready to use.

Also, under the section ‘My photos,’ you can upload images from your device and use it hereafter. You can adjust the image properties by tapping on it. A screen similar to the image below, will appear on-tap action.

To add/change the background to your flyer, head towards the “Backgrounds” icon. You can always choose over having a color, gradient, collections, or images uploaded from your device.

Step 10: Customize the font.

To change your text’s font style, tap on it, and the right under the Editor section, you’ll find the “Fonts” bar. A list of distinctive fonts is displayed along with an ‘Upload’ feature.

Under the “Uploaded” section, you can readily upload fonts from your device by tapping the ‘Upload your font’ button.

Step 11: Add Typography styles

Typography style is something new you get to choose here. You can select how your lettering will show around. Go under the “Text” section for some cool typography styles.

Either way, to modify your flyer content, you can write the Heading, sub-heading, and body text directly under the predefined sections.

Step 12: Adjust the position.

Placing your text in the flyer can directly be assessed as Editor > Position section. Where just by simple taps, you can manage the X & Y axis and place the text center or sideways as per the need.

Step 13: Duplicate your element.

For every piece of content, stickers, images, etc. you can always have the same setting duplicated with the “Duplicate” feature.

Tap on the text or image you want it duplicated and click “Duplicate” available under the “Editor” section. If you have formatted a text and enjoy the same formatting? Duplicate it and modify the text. That easy it is.

Step 14: Save & Download

Since now, you are done with all the customizations. It’s the time to lock your design and get saved in your respective devices. But wait! What if you need to modify the same design again later?

Here’s a solution: Head to the green “Save” button first, before clicking on “Download.” By saving your design, you get it saved in “Your designs,” i.e., safe in your account. Refer to the picture below for the same:

After that, head to the “Download” button and select a file type you prefer. And the design is now available with your device.

Step 15: Design is ready to share

So the design in your device gallery looks like this:

You can now directly share it to your friends across different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Email,  and Telegram.

Here you go!

This is all what PhotoADKing – an online business flyer maker serves you.

Try out this online flyer maker today to settle upon all of your needs towards a designer. You do not even need to hire a designer, as you can save your sweat by working under your own steam.


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