Clothing Business Owners are Resorting to Ghost Mannequin Photography for Product Promotion


The clothing business is a big business where major brands are billion-dollar companies and selling worldwide. These billion-dollar companies might be popular in terms of brands, it is the medium to companies that are the driving force of the clothing industry. While big companies are still using fashion model for their product photography, many media to small clothing businesses is resorting to ghost mannequin service for their product promotion.


What is Ghost Mannequin Photography

We all know what a mannequin is. Even a five-year-old boy knows what a mannequin is or how it looks like. Whether he knows it by name or knows what it is used for is the question. But pretty much all know what a mannequin is. In case if anyone doesn’t know, it is a dummy that is used for fashion product display.

Clothing stores use these mannequins to display their fashion product. Whether it is a shirt, pants, sweater, winter jacket, or underwear, stores use these mannequins to showcase their clothing items. By seeing the products on the mannequin, customers can have a sense of feeling as to how the apparel item will look on them. In other words, mannequins are used to create a sense of perception on buyers bind which helps them make a purchase decision.

It is easy for the clothing stores to display the products on a mannequin. But it looks a bit odd or kinda unprofessional for a clothing company to display their items on their eCommerce shop this way. Taking a closer look at the mannequin in the store is possible. However, a clothing phytography on a website will not create the same sense of perception in buyers’ minds as it does physically.

This is the reason ghost mannequin photography is used. Professional photo editing experts remove the mannequin from the clothing items in such a way that it creates the mannequin look on the image but the inside remains hollow. A unique 3D-looking mannequin wearing the clothing item but the inside is hollow allows the potential buyers to get the same or a better sense of perception. Professional photo editing companies offer ghost mannequin service that is commonly utilized by the clothing brand owners.


How Ghost Mannequin Editing is Done with Photoshop

The process starting from photographers shooting the ghost mannequin photography to photo editing companies providing ghost mannequin service to clothing companies is a long and complex process. Photographers do photoshoot sessions to come up with ghost mannequin photography. These photos are taken by putting the clothing items on the mannequin one by one and taking pictures. If the photoshoot sessions have a few hundred or a few thousand clothing items, then the photoshoot session can take a good deal of time.

Once the photos of the clothing items on the mannequin are taken, they are then sent to a photo editing company like Joolo Media for post-production editing. Professional photoshop experts will take those images and use their creative skills to edit and retouch those images in a specific way to create the attractive 3D ghost mannequin look.

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