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Choosing the best stocks to trade


Choosing the best stocks to trade is never an easy decision, with so many potential stocks out there in the market one has to make a critical market review to choose the best selling stocks at the moment. Buying a stock is easy but buying a stock without a time-tested strategy is very hard.

We can see that the effect of the coronavirus on the stock markets is beginning to wear off, stocks have started bouncing back powerfully, and the economy seems to be rising gradually, as the effect of coronavirus ebbs. Although the market seems to be back on correction, we can see that is trying to rally. Investors should hold off opening new positions at the moment but rather this is the best time to look out the best stocks to purchase when the market hits an uptrend.

The best stocks to look out for are Target (TGT), Epam Systems (EPAM), Qualcomm (QCOM), Beyond Meat (BYND), and (JD), even as the market continues to struggle, these stocks are worth being added to your watch list. There are so many stocks trading at the moment on NYSE and Nasdaq, but the most important thing is the ability to trade a stock that will generate a high income. A critical fundamental and technical analysis offers clear guidelines on what an investor should look out for, it is important to invest in stocks that have generated up to 25% growth on quarter and annual earnings. Investors should also look out for companies with new game-changing product and services, investors should also monitor the demand and supply of the stock, also look out for leading stock in top industry groups, and stocks with strong institutional support. When you’ve found a stock that meets all these criteria’s the next thing is to monitor the stock via a chart to find a good entry point, the best time to buy a stock is when a stock forms a base and reaches a buy point.

As you look out for stocks to trade on based on the technical and fundamental analysis, it is important to note stocks with rising relative strong lines. Also, keep in mind that there could be a change anytime; make sure to keep a close eye on the market trends.

One of the best stocks to watch out for right now is Target stock.

Target Stock

Target Corporation is a company that specializes in selling food assortments, such as dry groceries, perishables, dairy, and frozen items. It also offers clothing, electronics, toys, and other products. They sell their products through their stores and digital channels. The company was founded in 1902 and its headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The past few days have shown TGT stock to be making progress after finding support at its 21-day exponentially weighted moving average. This happened after the stock pulled back on a bullish run behind the big-box retail chain’s strong second-quarter earnings last month.

Walton Chase analysts Chris stated that TGT stock has formed a flat base, as it struggles to reach a buy point of 156.20, TGT stock has fared well recently after having a breakout after clearing at 126.07 with a cup and handle buy point last month, thereby shooting up its profit-taking territory. Although, it is the third stage base that makes success more tricky.

Target Stock itself shows a bullish sign with its relative strength line nearing its record highs. It has a composite rating of 96. Its earnings per share seem a bit lower at 76, notwithstanding the Target stock market trend seems to be improving. In the last quarter, Target stock was seen to have exploded by 86%, a huge improvement compared to the previous quarter earnings that had just 61%.

The company made great sales due to the panic-buying in preparation of the coronavirus lockdown in the U.S. The company’s investment in e-commerce seems to be paying off since so many people now prefer to stay at home and shop online. All the same, costs seem to be on the high side due to the expenses being made on securing protective gear for their workers, modifications that are being done in their stores to curb the coronavirus, and an increase in wages.

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