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Choose the monitor for different types of users, depending on the time they spend on the screen:


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Consumers who care about the protection and comfort of their eyes can use this buying guide to help them choose a monitor that’s right for their needs. 4 user groups are categorized according to their monitor time / usage and are assigned the following technologies: low blue light, low blue light plus, brightness intelligence, and brightness intelligence plus; to reduce their digital eye fatigue and benefit from the best monitor for eye protection.

Digital eye strain:-

Digital eye strain is also known as SVO, which stands for Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), and refers to eye strain that occurs when you use a computer or digital device for long periods of time. . As users become aware of this, and since they have little opportunity to reduce screen time, they should consider eyestrain and base their choice on the next viewing experience and options that suit you. are recommended: There are 4 types of user scenarios, depending on the time spent on the screen. Without the right technology, every group would suffer from too much eye strain.

Eye protection without flickering:-

Usually, screens produce a flicker invisible to the naked eye when generating light. up to 250 times per second. Flickering occurs 5,760.00 times in a typical 8-hour (work) day of viewing a screen. Long exposure to this screen-generated flicker can have serious health consequences for your eyes. Eye strain is particularly common among students and workers who use the computer on a daily basis, which further affects their learning and/or working abilities. You need to find a flicker-free screen that uses unique stabilization technology designed to prevent the image from flickering. This reduces the strain on the eyes as well as eyestrain due to staring at a screen for a long time. BenQ cares about its monitor users and makes sure that all of its monitors come with flicker-free screens.

Low Blue Light Technology:-

Light is divided into visible light and invisible light. The human eye can only perceive them when they enter the macula of the eye, after which they turn into image and color. Blue light is the strongest visible light, including the colors blue, indigo, and purple. The short-wave blue light from violet (UV) light can penetrate through the cornea and lens directly into the macula, damaging its photo-receptor cells. BenQ cares about users’ eye health, and that includes eye strain. That’s why BenQ offers monitors designed to help everyone. Low blue light technology can filter blue light (30-70%) depending on the user’s reading mode, the amount of time spent surfing the web, audiovisual entertainment, and publishing. It can protect the eyes from fatigue, dryness, and strain effectively while maintaining the true color performance of those images on the best monitor. 

This will extract the less harmful blue light for the eyes in order to protect the eyes and in order to ensure the accuracy of the colors and the range of their use. Whether it’s for a design or for a photographer who has precise color requirements, a parent concerned about their child’s sight, a consumer interested in multimedia entertainment, or just a professional who spends a lot of time focusing on photography. screen, you can get more comfortable viewing experience on the screen with the eye protection features.

Light and Dark environment:-

In addition, Brightness Intelligence technology can also simultaneously detect changes in brightness inside and outside the screen, achieving perfect brightness while improving eye comfort and reducing provocation. excessive light. This helps protect eye health and results in a more complete form of entertainment.

Apart from color temperature, Brightness Intelligence Plus technology improves hue and saturation of colors while ensuring smoother gradation of colors to keep colors authentic and vibrant. With proper brightness, color temperature and good colors, Brightness Intelligence Plus technology creates more comfort and unconstrained viewing experience. This allows you to enjoy your visual consumption more, whether it’s playing on the console or watching a movie.

Have you determined which group you belong to after reading the descriptions of the 4 user scenario modes? Buy a monitor that suits your viewing habits and enjoy a hassle-free viewing experience. Your viewing comfort will be guaranteed and you will find that long-term use of the monitor will make your eyes more rested even after a long day of working in front of the monitor. “If you want to record your screen for a later study or work, try online screen recorder!” 


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