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7 Things to Include in a Professional Invoice Template

If you do something often, make it easy.

In business, repetitive tasks become much easier to manage with standardized templates. And one of the best uses of a handy template is in invoicing, as that’s something you’ll do a lot of.

When you’re putting together a template, it’s best to be thorough.

Here are seven things you should include on any professional invoice template.

  1. Company Logo

A professional invoice template should include your company logo at the top of the page so that customers can easily identify your business when reviewing an invoice and reinforce your brand image. Your logo will help your invoice stand out among others, which might even help to nudge its payment further up the schedule.

This might not be the most essential item on the list, but it’s all part of creating professional company invoices.

  1. Address Details

Along with your contact information, you should also include the full address of the customer or client to whom you are issuing the invoice, as well as your own.

This helps to ensure that the invoice is delivered to the correct recipient and also allows your customers to easily locate your business if they need to get in touch. This may seem less relevant in an age of digital invoices, but full address details are still a requirement in many cases, which is why you’ll still see this on most business invoice templates.

  1. Date of the Invoice

Be sure to include the date of the invoice on your template, so that both you and your customer can keep track of when payments are due. You may also wish to include the date that the invoice is sent for reference.

  1. Purchase Order Numbers

Including purchase order numbers on your invoice can help your buyer reconcile invoices, which will speed the process along. Some buyers won’t even be able to accept an invoice without a valid purchase order number.

  1. Itemized Billing

To ensure that payments are made accurately, it’s important to itemize all charges on your invoice template. This allows customers to see a detailed breakdown of the items or services that they are being billed for and also helps to prevent any misunderstandings about the total amount due. The best invoice template will break items down in this way to make the whole payment process easier for all.

  1. Payment Information

Be sure to include clear payment instructions on your professional invoice template, so that customers know how and when they should remit payment. If you have multiple payment methods, be sure to detail each one.

  1. Terms of Payment

Finally, be sure to include your terms of payment on the invoice template, so that both you and the customer are clear about the expectations for repayment. This can help to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes about the payment process, plus give you the legal standing to charge overdue invoice fees.

Assembling Your Professional Invoice Template

With these tips, you can create an effective and professional invoice template that will make managing your invoices easier and help to ensure timely payment from your customers.​

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