Benefits of Drinking Tea


This drink originates from China in 2737 BC, and since then it gained wide popularity around the globe. Today, it has multiple variations, and every type of tea varies from one another.

It is one of the most widely consumed drinks, especially in the regions that have severely cold temperatures.

Tea is not only known for its unique taste, but it also comes with a lot of health benefits. It has been investigated that tea is effective in curing severe issues and provides protection from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, promotes weight loss, and helps in lowering the cholesterol levels. Along with these, it is also helpful in enhancing mental alertness.

Each type of tea brings its health benefits. We discuss the three main types of teas are green tea, black tea, oolong tea, Pu-erh tea, and white tea, and their health benefits so you can use the type that aligns with your flavor and needs.

Health benefits of green tea

Green tea is considered one of the healthiest drinks. A lot of research has been done on green tea, and it was found that it is highly concentrated with EGCG. According to research, green tea can burn fat, reduce the risk of  Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease, and cut down the high cholesterol levels. 

Health benefits of black tea

This type of tea contains the highest portion of caffeine among all the other types of tea. It is used for making flavoured drinks, such as chai. According to the research, it has been investigated that black tea is useful in the protection of the lungs, especially the damage caused by smoking. It was also found that it is helping in the prevention of stroke.

Health benefits of white tea

White tea is the least processed form of tea among all the types of teas, which is why it contains the maximum amount of antioxidants. It is highly useful in lowering blood pressure, improving blood circulation, and contributes to eliminating the risk of heart diseases. As it is the least processed, it is enriched with anticancer elements.

Health benefits of Oolong tea

Oolong tea does not possess the fame it possesses. It is quite unpopular among the people, but it has equal health benefits as black tea or green tea. This can contribute to reducing heart, bone, dental, and brain health issues. The most significant benefit of oolong tea is that it can instantly reduce the insufficient cholesterol level.

Health benefits of Pu-erh tea

It is one of the most caffeinated forms of tea. It is highly beneficial in reducing heart diseases, cancers, bone issues, stress, and etcetera. It is also great in reducing weight. It can help you cleanse toxins and free radicals.

These were some of the health benefits that have been identified by the researchers up till now; there can be several other benefits for tea consumption.

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