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Benefits Of Bringing In A Business Speaker


Bringing in an inspiring business speaker can have some long-lasting results for your company. Although a business speaker may seem like an unnecessary expense, the return on investment that you can see from having regular speakers is excellent. Here are some of the top reasons that you should be hiring business speakers.

New Inspiration

It’s easy for your employees to feel stuck and uninspired as they are taking on regular business tasks. Bringing in a business speaker can be an excellent way to break from the day-to-day and experience stories of people overcoming new challenges. The inspiration from a business speaker could encourage new problem-solving or a focus on maximizing potential throughout your workforce.

Improving Employee Performance

The best workforces are interested in investing in their employees and this means providing regular training programs. A business speaker for your company could represent a great way to educate your employees or let them know about what people in the top end of their industry are training in. Your employees could learn practical insights on how they could focus their training for the future and even request additional training that could make them a greater asset to your team.

Employee Engagement

It’s easy to face low morale when your employees are not engaged in their work. Around 60 to 70% of US employees have reported being disengaged at work and facing low motivation. Taking a 2 hour break for a business speaker could make a difference in improving employee satisfaction and refocusing your employees every week.

Finding New Paths

A large portion of employee dissatisfaction comes down to administration and company policy, rather than facing stagnation in the company, a business speaker may bring aspects of their business into light and offer insight on how to improve. Sometimes seeing your business from a different perspective or learning about somebody else’s experience can help you refocus for the better.

Keep some of these top benefits in mind if you are considering bringing in a business speaker.
This blog was written by Ingrid Lindberg, a customer service speaker and founder of Chief Customer. Her work has spanned the Fortune 500 – including Finance, Healthcare, CPG, Telco and Retail, working with companies to create differentiating customer experience strategies and cultures.

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