Benefits of a Professional Year Accounting Program


The Professional Year Program In Australia is offering internship opportunities to students from abroad who have studied in Australia and have earned a graduate degree from any of the Australian Universities. This is a very attractive year program that benefits the students in course work. The Professional Year Course in Adelaide opens a vast opportunity in exposing you to a range of career choices which are suited according to your academic studies. Students with a degree in technical and industrial fields like Accounting or Information Technology (IT) can use this opportunity to shape up their skills, undergo training programs to know more about the job framework and demands, and build up a professional, formal approach existing in the Australian professional environment.

Another unique advantage that you gain from getting yourself in this professional course is that, once you complete the 44 week program, you will earn 5 points that adds up to your application in permanent residency in Australia! Given the circumstances and the amount of time it takes to finish all the VISA work, gaining 5 points along with a complete professional training course is a very agreeable and delightful opportunity for the applicants.

What Is A Profession Year Accounting Program?

The Professional Year Accounting in Adelaide is a kind of professional year accounting program that is extended to students who have studied Accounting for more than 2 years under an Australian University. Any international student with a graduation degree in Accounting is eligible for undertaking this program.

This is also known as Accounting PYP and is approved and accredited by the government, precisely, The Department of Home Affairs. This internship program is targeted for students in Accounting fields and is developed by Chartered Accountant Australia and New Zealand, Institute of Public Accountants and CPA Australia. This program was developed by these three wings to provide more opportunities and career choices to students with Accounting. The programs are provided by those who are registered and have received a green signal from the aforementioned developers. This is a good exposure for Accounting students to utilise in order to land good jobs with previously received training experiences. These internships are also beneficial as they add glories and more opportunities in your Resume and CV.

How Does The Accounting PYP benefit a student?

Accounting PYP is beneficial in several ways like –

  • Secured Job Opportunities

These programs provide you professional training to fit yourself in a work place. This training helps you gain experience and makes you a professional yourself. If your Curriculum Vitae (CV) reflects this experience, your chances widen in your career path. More experience in training means bagging a good job with a good salary in the first place. Many companies who provide these trainings move towards making trainees their permanent employers.

  • Exposure To An Environment Of Accounting And Business

Every work field has different professional environments, suited according to the type of work they do. This means a student of Accounting would not be receiving a training program in a professional set up same as a student of IT.

  • Shadow Of The Three Crucial Developers

This internship program is has received joint approval from all three major Accounting bodies, as mentioned above. This holds significant importance in learning, gaining knowledge as well as becoming a professional in this field. So, it is important to complete this program from renowned internship providers in Adelaide who have their approval. Many Australian providers have this provision of Accounting Professional Year and you can easily enrol yourself in anyone. Just do a little research about the provider before enrolling with them.

  • A Permanent Residency

Already discussed before, undertaking a professional training course will help you secure your future and get your permanent home in Australia. Students who have a temporary VISA under 485 – Skilled Graduate VISA can use it within 18 months after finishing their academics. Gaining 5 points to this is an extra advantage for you!

  • Shaping Your Idea On Australian Culture And Ethics In Workplace

Being an International student, you must have had time to learn about the culture of this whole another country. This training program throws light on how an Australian Accounting work place run ethically and also, their moral codes of conduct.

  • More About The Eligibility Criteria Of A Student In The Field Of Accounting

You are eligible to this program if –

  • You have completed graduation in Accounting with IELTS 6.0 in all the possible bands.
  • You hold required skills for getting job qualification under the Skilled Occupation List. The span of enrolling after completing your graduation and receiving degree in all is 6 months.
  • You are below the age of 50.

However, as a matter of fact, this internship program of Australia is not dependent on your enrolment in any other professional accounting opportunity program. This is also applicable for any other professional program which is approved by the Home Affairs Department. Do thorough research and consult an expert for more information.

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