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India is a country with a huge population. So, taking care of everyone’s health should be the top priority. As the country is moving towards technological advancement, people are getting more busy plus other factors like environmental pollution, eating fast foods, and so on are affecting their health to a great extent. Sometimes people with busy schedules do not have time for regular checkups therefore, they usually neglect their health. Different diseases like Asthma, high blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, thyroid, and many more are also rising among the urban and rural population. So there are different healthcare sector which made easy for the people to avail the best treatment in an affordable price and one which is growing at a huge scale is Bajaj Finserv Health Ltd. and has recently introduced Bajaj Health Insurance card for the consumers. 

Some of the ways to deal with health problems using Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card:

  1. Get the pre-approved amount of Rs. 4 lacs – One of the main features of the Digital Health EMI card is that you can get finance of up to Rs. 4 lacs, and this amount covers much top healthcare treatment at the best healthcare institutions. This amount can also be used for post-treatment care if you want to be prepared for your health-related emergency. Treatment includes Eye treatment, Dental care, Surgery of any type, hair related treatment, and more. People can access these treatments at many big hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, homeopathy clinics, and wellness & beauty centers are also there. Some of the famous ones are Ruby Hall Clinic, Apollo Hospitals, Dr. Batra’s, and Manipal Hospital.


  2. Flexible Tenor of up to 24 months – so this facility gives you the ease of paying your amount or dues in 24 months by dividing into 24 small EMI’s, and this helps people to relax if they cannot pay at once. It is a no-cost EMI method so that even rural people can get the best benefit.


  3. Avail medical care for family members too – you can use the health insurance card for your whole family also. Sometimes when a disease is communicable then a whole family can get the benefit of the card at an affordable price.


  4. Covers top medical centers with no-cost EMI– Digital health card gives the benefit to get the healthcare services at the centers which are in a partnership with the Bajaj Finserv Health Ltd. Many multi-specialty hospitals are covered like Manipal Hospitals, Ruby Hall Clinic, VLCC, and many others. It has 5,500 partner healthcare institutions present in 1,000 cities to avail 800+ treatment and services such as Dental treatment, Surgery, Eye operation, etc.


  5. Great deals for health-related expenses – Several deals can be found in Bajaj Finserv Wallet APP. This card allows you to get the best of the best offers in the top healthcare centers. You also get various discounts at pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals. Hospicare plus package features: Benefit up to Rs. 1000, multiple visits to doctors, and no capping on individual usage cover many tests, medicine reminders, etc. And Health Plus Solution gives doctor consultation benefits up to Rs. 6000, health checkup benefit up to Rs. 6700 and up to 10 lac sum insured.


  6. Instant activation – steps followed: Apply online and enter your registered number, Enter the OTP sent to you, check your pre-approved offer, and Pay the one-time fee of Rs.707. It is a hassle-free job and you can get instant service without going to hospitals and you can apply digitally for your queries related to treatment without any documentation. 

There are many more benefits of digital EMI cards that anyone can get. With the rising of diseases, people are now more concerned about their health and want the best treatment they can afford. Bajaj Finserv Health Ltd. has solved all the problems of the people by giving many benefits and offers by launching the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI card. This digital card is easy and affordable to access and let us also know about the discounts which we can get by having this card. This card gives offers during festivals too and can be used for the whole family. It is a leading industry for the healthcare sector as it is making a lot of differences in people’s life.

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