5 Simple Signs that will tell you when you need an urgent Audi Service


The smooth running of a car requires regular maintenance overhaul and timely servicing. For your Audi, this is absolute essential. Trying to do the job yourself or by unauthorized personnel is not a prudent course of action. Most Audi cars require authentic parts and components to stay on the road for an extended period.

Among the various signs and indicators that merit an immediate Audi service at the closest dealership, the ones listed below are of paramount importance.

Lights and Signals are the most precise indicators

Engine performance is one of the core factors in the proper running of a car. Most modern vehicles have inbuilt computer systems that monitor engine characteristics and indicate malfunctions using flashing lights.

It takes proper understanding to recognize the function of each light and use it to monitor your vehicle in the most optimum manner. These lights can also signal problems in your car’s emission control framework, which requires immediate attention.

Apart from this, brake lights, turn indicators, and hazard lights can also malfunction. This makes the car more prone to accidents, especially on nightly drives. To prevent any severe consequences due to negligence, it is always recommended to use lights and signals as indicators for servicing the immediate necessity.

Regular Oil Change makes your car run smoother.

Engine oil is one of the most vulnerable components of a vehicle. Over time, it becomes gritty, denser, and plagued by sludge. That is why a regular oil change is a pre-requisite for the smooth functioning of a car. You should also ensure that your car has the precise type of oil. For supercharged engines, you need synthetic oil.

Similarly, every engine type and the vehicle has its optimal oil grade. Make sure that you abide by the same during your regular Audi service. Usually, a thousand miles on the odometer is the mark you should take as the interval between consecutive servicing visits.

Changing your battery is necessary to keep your onboard systems working

Your car has several onboard systems that require electric supply from the battery. The alternator setup in your wheels usually recharges this battery. However, prolonged usage can reduce battery efficiency by a lot, immediately apparent from flickering headlights and milder horns.

The battery powers many onboard systems on your car, including speed control, automatic gear transmission, display screens, and infotainment systems that let you control every feature of your car. Negligence in timely Audi Service to get your battery replaced can lead to fatal malfunctions in your electrical systems.

Audi Service
Audi Service

Healthy tires are crucial to the smooth operation of your car

Every Audi car has inbuilt systems in its Electronic Stabilization Program module that will provide a proper indication as to when your tires have lost critical pressure. Less pressure in tires is reflected as loss in mileage. Onboard systems can indicate the same with display signs.

Skim over your manual today for a comprehensive guide to recognizing the same. On diagnosing a failing tire, get an Audi service done right away.

Get your brakes serviced regularly.

Brakes are the most crucial components that ensure the smooth running of your Audi car. Getting your brake discs and brake oil changed is a standard requirement for a complete Audi service. Also, leaks in the braking systems need to be patched up regularly to the prevent loss in performance.

An indicator to dysfunctional brakes is the varying intensity of humming sounds with different speeds. Keep your ears open for the most minute sounds that can indicate the failure of your braking system and consequently malfunctioning bearings. If you are unable to spot it, a brake failure on a long drive can be an imminent problem.

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