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Arthritis- Causes and Treatment


Are you suffering from extreme arthritis or joint pain? Is it becoming worse during the winter? Then, you need to take some really important precautions since winter is about to arrive in a few months. Taking care of the pain is a must. During the initial stages, the pain might be there for a long time. For the elderly people, winter is the most painful season. Arthritis or joint pains worsen during this time the most.

For treating arthritis, there are some really effective ayurvedic medicine for joint pain. As per the Ayurvedic treatments, some herbs can really prove helpful in treating joint pains. Even ayurvedic oils can be equally effective for arthritis. Once you start using the right treatment methods, you will start experiencing some relief soon.

Causes of  Arthritis

The exact cause of arthritis is not yet known. Sometimes various environmental factors, immune system or the metabolic condition of a person can trigger arthritis.

Obesity can also lead to joint pain as it puts extra pressure on the joints. Too much exercise or physical activities that includes repeated movement of a particular joint can also lead to arthritis as one starts to age. Any kind of past injury on the joints are also responsible for joint pains. Arthritis can also be hereditary. So, these were some of the causes that can trigger arthritis or severe joint pain.


As far as the treatment is concerned, it takes quite a long time to cure arthritis. But the pain it causes can be reduced to some extent with the help of ayurvedic treatments, exercise, massage therapy etc.

Have a look at the following methods of treating arthritis.

  • Ayurvedic medicines- Ayurvedic medicinesare known to be one of the most effectivemedicines of treating arthritis pain. They are absolutely healthy and does not have any side effects. You can try using medicines that contains Taliparna, Ajwain, Lavang, Dhatura, Karpura, Pudina, Sesame oil, Mahanarayana, Gandhapura and Khurasani as active ingredients. Such Ayurvedic medicines that contain these ingredients can provide you with relief from chronic joints pains too.
  • Proper diet- Certain food items are also known to cause joint pains. It is best to avoid spicy food items when you are experiencing a joint pain. You may consume more fruits, soups, salads, green vegetables etc. The right diet can help you to get some relief from arthritis or joint pain.
  • Yoga and exercise- There are many people suffering from arthritis and have reported that they have experienced a great amount of relief from the pain after they have started exercising. Even yoga has helped a lot of people. You must include some exercise or yoga in your regular life. But make sure not over-exercise as it may do more harm than good. You can take help from a professional fitness trainer. If you are obese, then it will also help you to lose weight and reduce the joint pain too.

These treatment methods, if followed properly can help you to get rid of or reduce arthritis pain in no time.

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