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An Insight into Contemporary Art in 2021


Usually, when art is mentioned, people visualize the iconic masterpieces that were painted centuries ago. However, art is evergreen. It lives forever and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the world of art is flourishing still. The art of recent years is called contemporary art.

Unlike other schools of art, the contemporary school of art does not have a single point of view. It happens to be multi-faceted. These artworks usually reflect the thought process of the artists along with a variety of perspectives. Suffice to say, contemporary art happens to be a complicated examination of present-day life.

Contemporary Art – A Brief History

This style of art grew along with modernism. But it is now viewed as different from that school. The Contemporary Art Society was founded by Roger Fry and his colleagues in 1910. It used to be a private society where one could buy artwork to be displayed at public museums. Later on, more institutions emerged along the same lines throughout the 1930s. The art experts defined modern art as a particular style that aligned with a specific time period.

Comparatively, the contemporary art style continues to advance with time, adding to the varied outcomes and approaches.

Contemporary Art – What is So Special About It?

Let’s delve into what makes contemporary art stand out from the rest and observe the reason behind its popularity among the masses and interior design:

Aesthetic Value

Contemporary art is known for its aesthetic value. The artworks painted in this style evoke pleasure. Although what is a pleasure for one depends on the viewer. Even then, the array of methods and mediums used in this art style has something that would appeal to each person no matter how different their tastes are.

Owing to the aesthetic value that is added to any space, contemporary art is used in décor in a variety of places. Sculptures that we see in parks and out about in the city are also contemporary art pieces. Since everyone cannot afford to buy one, print reproductions allow people to possess artworks that personalize their home.


Contemporary artworks are personally expressive and thought-provoking. Viewers enjoy the thoughts and feelings that come into their minds after looking at contemporary artworks. This explains why people spend hours looking at artworks in exhibitions and museums. People are exposed to stimuli that urge the viewer to think and feel emotions. It can also lead to new education, growth, and information.

Sometimes, artwork can have a strong impact as it communicates with the viewer through visuals and words. It can even be transformative in some cases. Contemporary artworks trigger both the thought process and emotions, allowing the viewer to fully engage with the piece.

Relaxing and Inspiring Artworks

There has been research and studies that have found that viewing art makes one feel relaxed. This activity is particularly effective for practicing mindfulness exercises. Art helps in taking people out of their mind into the present moment to enjoy and absorb what is in front of them. This helps with lessening symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Some artworks can lead to more calmness and comfort. People can pick what works for them. But, contemporary art is inspiring for most people. The idea is to represent what is happening around the world. This inspires everyone and urges them to work on themselves and improve.

A Means to Personal Expression

Contemporary art allows people with a medium to express themselves. Performing arts, sculpture, and painting helps people in representing their opinions. These can be valuable for the viewers as it lets them have a window into the artist’s mind.

It is also a means to display your own thoughts in your living space or workplace. When you put up artworks that appeal to you personally, you are also expressing your own mind.

Depicts the Culture

Contemporary gives the artist the freedom to comment on the culture around them. They can depict everything from politics to the pop culture of the country, either literally or figuratively. They use shapes, imagery, and other media types to create a narrative of what’s running in their mind. The key is to keep the viewer engaged with the artwork, and as a result, with the artist.

Moreover, contemporary art also becomes a visual historical record as it comments on the present socio-political as well as the pop culture. It manifests into a record that has the facts (dates and names) along with the feelings people hold. This is the main reason art is valued so much and preserved carefully. It allows one to go in the past and see a visual depiction of it.If you are an art lover who lives in the UAE, there are many places of art in Dubai that you can visit, such as galleries, exhibitions, and events. You could visit them and experience contemporary art up close and experience the thought-provoking pieces of modern artists.

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