All the Options you have in Private Label Tea Bags


Are you planning to start your private tea label? If yes, then you are reading the right blog. This blog discusses all the available options for private label tea bags by big tea manufacturers worldwide.

You might have noticed that not every tea bag is the same. There are numerous options available when it comes to the packaging of private tea label bags. You can select one depending upon the nature of the tea you are planning to sell. Make sure to select a tea bag packaging that will provide the full taste to the tea drinkers, allowing them to taste the real flavours of your tea.

The following are the most popular options available for tea bags in the tea industry:

Teabags with string and tag envelope

This comes with a double chamber filter bag attached with a thread and tag. It utilizes the most recent technology to attach the thread with the bag by a sewn knot. The filter paper in this style is thinner, compared to the conventional filter paper, which leads to better infusion. It does not require heat to seal the teabag.

Pyramid tea bags with or without string tag

As the name suggests, this type comes in a triangular or rectangular shape (nylon or soilon) teabags. These come with and without tags, allowing the drinker to get the desired level of intensity.

Pyramid tea bags with envelope

If you want to deliver a premium image to your customers, then you must get pyramid teabags with high-end and clear envelopes. You get to choose the design of the envelope, make sure it synchronizes with your brand.

Pillow style tag less tea bags

Pillow style tea bags are single-chamber bags with a square filter. These do not come with string or tag. This filter paper is made up of natural fibre and is chlorine-free. It is also biodegradable and compostable, which makes it environmentally-friendly. This is one of the most economical options as it is made with high-speed equipment and low material cost.

Single chamber round tea bags

These are round in shape without any string or tag attached; it does not come in an envelope. These are made up of premium tissue paper with approximately 2,500 perforations, which speeds up the infusion and results in better flavours.

Pillow tea bags with string and tag

These come with or without heat-sealed envelopes. It is sealed from 3 sides. It is made up of heat-seal filter paper; the string stays inside the bag along with the product. When the user pulls out the tag. The string appears too from the bag.

Iced tea filter bags or frac packs

The size of the tea bag is adjusted according to the amount of tea present inside the bag. These can come in filter bags, clear or foil bags. These are available in the conventional seal or 3 sided seal bags.

These were some of the most widely used private label tea bag packaging options. You may first decide the types of tea you will be offering in the market and then finalize the packaging of the teabag.

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