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Nowadays, advanced technology has led to a decrease in the employment rate. Most of the young people today are unemployed, not knowing what to do. This has increased the crime rate in the country. Some have jobs, but their salaries do not meet all of their needs. So you need to look for side work to allow you to earn more in order to fulfill all your needs. The best way to earn this extra money is to do jobs online. There are tons of apps that bring in extra money. Most of these apps can be accessed on your phone, which makes it easy to use anywhere, anytime. Here are the top free tools that will help you earn more this year.

1.   Bing rewards app

Bing Bonus is a tool that allows members to earn credits by looking for verification and other tasks with Bing. One can do this with any device. Its search engine market increased from 16.3% to 19.4%. Bing Rewards contain perks that you must upgrade to. Each feature has its benefits. The first perk is membership, followed by the silver level, then finally the gold level. Member level is the entry-level where new members must pass. You can search for anything you want with Bing and then get credits for that. After completing the bonus round, you can redeem your credits, and if you accumulate up to 200 points, you are eligible to enter the silver level. Once you become a Silver member, you will get 50 credit bonus. You will then collect 750 points or more to join the gold standard. Another requirement for gold level is to have 150 qualified searches every month on Bing. The benefit of being a Gold member is that you will get 10% of the bonus refund.

Ways to earn more with Bing Rewards

When you use your computer to search on Bing, you’ll get one credit for every two searches. The maximum number of credits you will receive per day is fifteen. The same goes for using your phone other than your computer, but when using your phone, the maximum number of credits you get per day will be ten, not fifteen.

You can also earn more by inviting friends. The app will give you 100 credits for every friend you invite who would have reached the silver level. You will earn credits when you complete them. Once you accumulate your balances, the app gives you options to redeem your balances. You can shop, donate, or win.

2.   VIP voice app

VIP voice app is a survey app that you can use to earn extra money for yourself. Offers polls that you take next, you get paid. It is unique in that it does not offer surveys in the form of questionnaires. The points awarded after completing the survey depend on many factors. It depends on how many surveys you took earlier. The points you award will also depend on whether you have completed or excluded from any new surveys. The good thing is that the surveys you get are easy and fun. Compared to other survey applications, VIP Voice has the highest success rate. On the downside, you can get at least eleven surveys per day. In the VIP voice app, you will have to go through five levels. You will start from scratch and level up as you complete surveys. Each level has different points that you get from every survey you take and different rewards. The higher your level, the more points, and bonuses. One of the disadvantages of this app is that you cannot directly redeem your points for cash or gift cards. It provides you with two options for using your points.

Bidding on items through the BidLand site similar to an auction. Each point represents one auction. You get a certain amount of time on your item, and if you have the highest bid it gets to win

Enter the sweepstakes through SweepLand. Each point represents one lottery. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose your sweepstakes entries, they will still be withdrawn from your account.

3.   Rabadaba app

It is a social media app that allows you to earn that extra money for being social. Their primary focus is on making social media not only a place to socialize but also a place to earn some money. The app is available for both devices  Android & iOS. You can also send dabs to all of your friends. In order to start earning with the Rabadaba app, you must first download the app either on your Android or iOS device. To download this application is free. The next thing to do is create an account on the app. In order to create an account, you must provide details of your email, username, and password. After creating the account, you can now start posting and uploading new content at any time. In order to get higher amounts, you need to get more views on your page. To achieve this, you must be active and keep commenting on other people’s posts. The money you win in the app is called “Rabadaba dough” which is received by voting, spreading molasses, and returning daping. You need to open an account with PayPal as the payment will be made there. Payment is made on the fifteenth day of each month.

4.   Paribus app

It is a useful app mostly for those who like to shop. Have you ever gone shopping only to find out that the item you wanted to buy was sold out the next day? This is why Paribus is a must for you. That’s because the app helps you monitor price drops thus ensuring your money back. You don’t have to keep coming back to the site to see if prices for each item are down.
You have no reason not to earn that extra money and meet your needs. Try using one of the apps mentioned above to make sure you get some cash every month.

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