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A Quick Guide To The Best Plastering Tools Brisbane


Plaster as a building material has diminishing popularity today and it becoming a forgotten art. As a result, there is a shortage of skilled workers, thereby making the service quite expensive. A cheaper option is to take care of your own plastering needs with the plastering tools Brisbane kits. The decision to opt for plastering as compared to drywalling rests on weighing the advantages against the disadvantages though.

Plastering Tools Brisbane
Plastering Tools Brisbane

Advantages Of Plastering 

  • Creates a strong and durable wall finish compared to drywall.
  • More resistant to damage due to a strong blow.
  • Does not produce dust as compared to drywall boards.
  • Takes less time to finish.
  • Does not require sanding.
  • Has a substrate layer called lath?
  • The backing is made of metal or tough boards that add to the strength of a plaster wall.
Plastering Tools Brisbane
Plastering Tools Brisbane

Disadvantages of plastering

 Installation of substrate layer requires skill and expertise.

  • Often the backing or lath needs replacement makes the repair work difficult.
  • Plaster changes its colour with age.
  • In spite of the added labour cost of hanging and finishing required for drywall, plastering is more expensive as it has become a specialized skill.
  • Veneer plaster that requires a single finish, though being a cost-effective option, is less durable than traditional plaster.

Starting from hawks and trowels to drills and saws, let us explore the various plastering tools in Brisbane that are a must-have for any plastering professional:


Trowels are very important as this tool is required to even out the plaster after putting it on the wall. There are a variety of trowels found in the market. A selection must be carefully done with the respect to size and quality.


Also known as a hand board, a hawk is used to hold the plaster for the trowel. These are made from a wide variety of materials, ranging from metal, foam and plastic. Foam and plastic made hawks are lightweight, hence good for beginner use. Metal hawks are much more strong and durable, however are more expensive. A cheaper substitute is a mud pan, ideal for beginners as they can prevent spillage of material on the floor during work.

Plastering Tools Brisbane
Plastering Tools Brisbane


This is considered to be an inexpensive but very important tool piece when discussing plastering tools in Brisbane. I1t is used to smoothen the uneven surface rendered due to plastering. Sponges give a better texture that can be refined by the use of sandpaper followed by finger grit.

Jointing Knife

These are used for putting plaster to tight spaces, corners and edges that are hard to reach. An angled jointing knife is sometimes used to plaster peculiarly shaped corners.


A very simple tool when speaking of plastering tools Brisbane, a mixing bucket is used to mix the plaster with water before it can be used. Hence a tough mixer bucket is required for this purpose.

Water Brush 

Water brushes are used on the final coat of plaster to add moisture to the plaster coat if it sets too quickly.


Ladders are very important, not only for plastering high walls but for every other masonry jobs known to us. They are an integral part of plastering tools in Brisbane.


Last but not the least, two types of buckets are essential for a plastering job, namely a mixing bucket and a water bucket. The first one, as already mentioned is for mixing plaster and the second one for getting water supply for cleaning.

Plastering Tools Brisbane
Plastering Tools Brisbane


Plastering was at one time the most common interior wall finish material in use. Along with the advent of modern gypsum boards or drywall, plaster lost its popularity. Though seen as more of a historic wall finish, this old wall finish material has a lot of benefits.

When speaking of a specialized skill like plastering, there is no denying the fact that the right plastering tools in Brisbane can make the masonry job much easier and hassle-free.

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