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A healthy diet and its benefits? is necessary for life


What is a healthy diet? Carbohydrates,Fiber,Vitamin and Mineral etc

Eating a healthy diet does not mean strict limitations and skip those foods you love. It means to improve your health and boost your mood. A healthy diet is one that helps to maintain our health.

It provides essential nutrition to our body.A healthy diet contains fruits,vegetables and whole grains.The key to remain healthy is to eat the right amount of calories.

Fundamental diets for our health

Fundamental diets are necessary for our health. We need protein, fat carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin, and mineral. These are healthy diets.


Protein gives us energy.It supports cognitive function.But taking too much can be harmful for our kidney.Researches have shown that we need high quality of protein especially with age.many plants are the sources of protein.Protein keep our immune system good and maintain our heart health. It also reduces the risk of diabetes and may help us to lose weight


All fats are not good for our health.Bad fat can increase the risk of most diseases.But good fats protect our brain and heart.healthy fats such as omega-3s-is vital to our physical health.Dietary fats play a vital role in our cholesterol level.Therefore we should choose good fat for our health.


Eating foods high in dairy fiber can help us to lower our risk of heart diseases,stroke and diabetes.It can also be good for our skin and maintain our weight.A diet high in fiber can also decrease the risk of diabetes.They are good for our digestive system.It can help us to prevent cancer.


Calcium rich food is necessary for our good health.If we do not get enough calcium we can suffer from depression and sleep difficulties.Good sources of good are leafy green vegetables,certain fish,green beans and garlic.Milk is a good source of calcium.Therefore we should take calcium at good amount.


Carbohydrates are the main source of energy. It includes sugars and refined grains. But taking too many carbohydrates is not good for our health. We should be wise in choosing good carbohydrates. The healthier carb can improve our health.


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