A Company Whose Website Doesn’t Work [at all]


By Julia Weatherly

I had such a difficult time getting even my application completed on SimpleTense, what a pain. They make those drag and drop spaces where you can put the file on a completed assessment. But of course, they don’t work. But that wouldn’t stop the timer. So if THEIR system glitches, it is YOUR fault and you have to reapply. Completely ridiculous, I don’t know how they get away with it. But somehow I got through it and applied on their website only to realize that was just the tip of the iceberg.


Here are just a few of the things that I discovered:

AWFUL communication with employees. I had an account on their website as a freelance writer for a total of five days before my account was deleted with no warning or definitive reasoning. I assume it was because earlier in the day I submitted something close to a deadline, but I know for a fact I submitted it well within the two-hour window I had to revise the project. Either way, trying to get in touch with anyone to contest my situation is impossible – none of their “contact us” links on their employee portal work, and neither of the phone numbers listed on their client page is active.


And that’s what else I mean about this site not working. It is all one-way communication, and you can’t talk to anyone that cares enough to help you when you have a legit concern to voice. Our only recourse is to report the experience and blog about it like this. Another issue with their site is that the instructions are super vague. Everything gets lost in translation and they don’t care enough to fix their review process to make it better. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised since their website is in Chinese, I suppose that all of their customers are Chinese too. Maybe they need to find something besides Google translate to transfer instructions from one place to another. Otherwise, it is a waste of time in general.


Aside from this, the morals of what this company does are entirely wrong. During the interview and application process, they make it seem like you’ll be actively helping international students improve their English writing abilities by helping them write/edit academic and professional work when in almost all cases you’re just being paid to do the work for them. I’m pretty sure this is not legal. But even if it is, the reality is that you should be working with a company that actually values you and your time. And all of the bugs and glitches in their website make it clear that creating a legitimate professional workspace is not a priority for them at all.


This is not a legit work option in the short term or the long run. If you want an employer who respects you – or if you have any respect for yourself – don’t consider SimpleTense as an employment option.

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