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You built your business from the ground up. But sometimes, when you are busy running everything, it can be hard to figure out how to market yourself.

There are so many easy (and often free!) marketing ideas for small businesses–all you have to do is get started!

Are you interested in finding new ways to market your business? Keep reading for our top marketing tips.

  1. Hit the Streets!

So much emphasis is put on digital marketing (which is awesome!), but don’t let that stop you from using more old-fashioned marketing tactics. You can make templates flyers, billboards, and even use chalk on the sidewalk to market your small business.

  1. Social Media is Your Friend

When you aren’t running around town passing out flyers, you can be posting about your business online! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok are all great ways to connect with your target market.

Do research into each platform to see where your ideal client probably spends their time online.

  1. Run a Contest

Everyone loves a contest or a competition! You can start a photo or video contest where people post content using your products in order to win a prize.

A great way to grow your following is to have people tag their friends in your posts in order to enter the contests you host.

  1. Write Content That Adds Value

You can be putting out blog posts every day, but if they are not good-quality and adding value for your audience then what is the point?

Make sure that you are making the most of your website by putting out written content that teaches, informs, entertains, and adds value to your customer’s life.

  1. Involve the Community

Host an event or participate in community activities! If you have an empty wall in your building, invite a local school to come to paint a mural! If you have other businesses around you, talk to them about having a community fair on a Saturday with games, product samples, and even job interviews.

If you are an online business, find other businesses that you want to partner up with and write guest posts, host Instagram hangouts, or set up chat rooms together to build an online community.

  1. Use Visuals to Catch Everyone’s Eyes

Always be using visuals! Having good quality graphics and photos on your flyers, social media posts, and website can take your marketing to the next level.

Use free online resources to create killer visuals, or consider hiring a graphic designer or photographer to help you out. It is worth the investment!

  1. Become a Teacher!

You know your business inside and out. Why not teach others about your expertise. You can set up an online class as a form of passive income and marketing, or you can offer webinars or go live on social media to encourage potential customers to interact with you and your business.

Which of These Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses Will You Use?

It is hard running a small business, and finding ways to market yourself can be hard to deal with while you are busy running everything else. These marketing ideas for small businesses are a great way to start or revitalize your marketing strategy.

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