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7 Common Myths About Physiotherapy You Should Debunk Today


The primary goal of any individual seeking help for their health is to get better. However, like the way we outgrew orthodox uses of herbal remedies and witch doctors, we need to outgrow certain limitations in our perceptions that keep us from attaining our goal.

In today’s age, the bias against science exists in the form of paranoia and fear about medical fields like physiotherapy. Suffice it to say, a lot of people have many reservations and preconceived opinions about its effectiveness.

To put it simply, people consider physiotherapy or the many forms of physical therapy in Dubai to be either harmful, having adverse side effects or outrightly useless.

The right to have an opinion is not worth it if you’re putting your health at risk. Instead, research and comprehensibility are required for outgrowing notions that have their basis etched in falseness.

Let’s take a detailed look at some of these false notions or myths that people normally think about physiotherapy and debunk them:

Myth Number 1 – Physiotherapy is Painful

Some people believe that physiotherapy is a painful treatment that only makes your situation worse. This is a myth rooted in the minds of people through a notion that since it’s physical therapy, someone can hit the wrong spots. However, that is hardly ever the case.

Physiotherapists are experienced professionals who are trained to be able to identify, diagnose, treat physical problems and help in rehabilitation and/or recovery. This can be verified by observing how a professional physiotherapist thoroughly examines their patient and even asks questions about prior medical histories.

Myth Number 2 – Physiotherapists and Chiropractors are Useless

This myth is actually two-fold. On one hand, people believe that chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy are one and the same. Beyond this, they go on to claim that both of these scientifically proven medical fields are useless as well.

Although physiotherapists aren’t doctors until they get their degree in DPT, they are still certified medical assistants that help in rehabilitation and recoveries. The potential of physical therapy can be noted in the statistics of some of the most highly-regarded PT clinics that have thousands of patients that show successful results.

People affected by physical traumas, paralysis, strokes, episodes of physical disorders and more have been referred to physical therapists. That’s because after all the medications and syringes have done their thing, it’s up to the body’s physical mobility and functionality to speed up the healing process. And this is exactly what is targeted in chiropractic treatments as well as physical therapy.

Myth Number 3 – Physiotherapy is Just a Smart Term for Massage

Given the nature of how the job is performed, people like to understate and minimize the scientific and experiential approach behind physiotherapy.

Needless to say, some call it a simple massage. This is untrue as a masseuse only provides temporary relief. But a physiotherapist, on the other hand, focuses on long-term recovery and top-notch physical health. They do more than just bring your limbs and ligaments into the right position.

Physiotherapists assess your whole body’s anatomy and the conditions of various connecting points affecting overall functionality.

Myth Number 4 – Physiotherapy Only Treats Muscle Pain and Injuries

Although physiotherapy is very influential in sports, it’s not just limited to muscle pain and injuries. As stated above, pre and post-surgery physical recovery require physiotherapists that can aid the patient in rehabilitating physical movement. Moreover, patients going through traumas require professional help in making sure that they can return to their states of mobility soon. This is where physiotherapists are required to help patients progress with their rehabilitation.

Myth Number 5 – Physiotherapy is Less Effective Than Surgery

This notion is false because:

1-      Surgery requires physiotherapy both, before and after it in order to give the patients the ideal treatment

2-      Injuries or traumas affecting the musculoskeletal systems are initially preferred to be treated by physiotherapy. Most people as well as experts would recommend not going for an invasive procedure without exhausting all other options.

Myth Number 6 – Physiotherapists are Artists, Not Scientists

People who think that physiotherapy is art also believe that physiotherapists are artists more than they can be called doctors.

Let’s just say that without physiotherapy, healing and rehabilitation after surgery, sports injuries and more would require a lot of time. Just because it’s not directly coupled with the physicians doesn’t mean that physiotherapy or physical therapy is different.

Myth Number 7 – You Require a Doctor’s Approval to See Physiotherapists

As stated above, many doctors recommend seeing physiotherapists before going for something else. That’s because there are no harms or risks in physiotherapy sessions. In fact, you can have a deep tissue massage any time of any day and actually help your physical health. You can rest assured that there are no disadvantages or side effects to watch out for when it comes to physiotherapy. 

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