6 Steps to Ship Your Car to Another State Efficiently


You possess a classic car, for example, a 1950 Morris Minor, and you have kept it safe and protected from any damages or scratches. It might be included in the category of a sexy car, but you love it beyond belief. So when it comes a time when you have to ship your car to another state, there are 10 steps that you should take to make sure that your car arrives in good condition. 

Find an Expert and Specialist Auto Transport Company 

You want to make sure that the specific company has a considerable amount of experience in shipping classic cars. Search for companies online and contact the ones you find best for your car. What does considerable experience mean? They should hold expertise in transporting at least a handful of classic cars a week. And should have done it for at least 5 years. 

Check Its References and Reviews

All companies claim that they are reliable and possess the skills you seek, but it can be possible that former customer reviews may say differently. Read all the customer’s reviews and, if possible, ask the company for the list of the last five customers and contact them and inquire about their services. 

The Company Provides Proper Insurance Coverage

Although companies make an effort in transporting your company in the same condition as it arrives. However, situations can change. You need to make sure that you get to see a written copy of the company’s insurance policy. Read it thoroughly with one of the company’s representatives, so you know what is covered and what is not.  

Consider Purchasing Extra Insurance Coverage for Your Classic Car

Most companies provide minimum insurance coverage. If you feel that it is not enough and your car value is more than the insurance coverage provided, consider purchasing additional insurance from the right insurance company. 

Decide How you Want the Car Transported 

Without any doubt, you want your classic cars to be transported very carefully. What this means that you don’t like your car to be shipped in an exposed and open trailer. It is because the car is exposed to several external factors like rain, sleet, ice, snow, hail, road dirt, etc. It can chip the paint and cause scratches. 

Instead, you would like your car to be shipped in an enclosed container. These containers provide robust protection against the weather and road elements. So there is no chance of your car getting defected by weather elements or hit by the road debris. 

However, it is a fact that enclosed containers cost more than open ones, but the cost is not an inflated one.  

So, if you want your car to travel in an enclosed trailer, you need to be prepared to pay almost double the price of what it would have cost to have it shipped in a multi-car open trailer. 

Choose Door-To-Door Service 

Cars often are shipped to a receiving end where they get locked and parked till their owners collect them up. The owner of a classic car, no questions on this, needs to make certain the car stays as safe as possible. Door-to-door service method means the shipping company collects the car from your home or office (or other location you pick out) and is then brought to the private home/office/location of your desire. in different words; it stays inside its trailer until you’re taking ownership of it. 

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