5 Wonderful health benefits of cashew nuts


The tiny kidney-shaped cashew nuts are one of the popular ingredients finding its long route in many gravies, desserts, and other traditional preparations.  Cashew is loaded with power pack nutrients which are required to keep our body healthy. There are a lot of myths surrounding us stating that intake of cashews may gain weight. Bursting the myth, many studies have shown that consuming cashews, an amazing nut rich in proteins and minerals when added in a limited amount to your diet can protect from various diseases and disorders.  

Here, in this article, let’s discuss a few health benefits of cashews in detail. So, keep reading the post now!

What are the nutrients present in the cashew nuts?

Here are the nutritional values in one ounce of cashew nuts:

  • Carbohydrates-8.56 grams
  • Sugar-1.68 grams
  • Protein-5.17 grams
  • Calcium-10 mg
  • Magnesium- 83 mg
  • Potassium- 187 mg
  • Zinc- 1.64 mg
  • Phosphorous- 168 mg

Apart from the above-listed nutrients, cashews are also rich in folate, selenium, vitamin B6, thiamine, vitamin K, vitamin C, antioxidants, and copper. All these nutrients help to strengthen bones, joints, improves muscle health, heart health, brain function, and overall immunity. Also, according to the cashew nut studies, it is being said that roasted cashews have more antioxidant properties than the raw cashew. Hence, consuming them reduces cellular oxidative damage and inflammation in the body. 

Wonderful health benefits of cashew nuts:

Cashew nuts being a part of your daily diet can help you gain many health benefits. Yes! Anything in the right amount can add right nutrients which boosts your overall health and wellbeing.

  1. Heart health: The diet rich in cashews and other nuts may improve your heart health. Adding cashew nuts increases LDL cholesterol and decreases HDL cholesterol in the body. But, care should be taken not to overeat them. According to the studies, adding a fistful of nuts including cashews in the unsalted and un-oiled form protects the body from heart diseases, respiratory diseases, and cancer. Yes! Why wait for! Let’s add more benefits to our health. Garb a handful of nuts and include them as part of your diet for healthy and happy living! 
  2. Boosts skin health: Many of us prefer to have healthy and glowing skin. We add numerous skincare products in our daily routine to get flawless skin, but when you add certain foods like cashews, a natural plant protein it gives a perfect glow to your skin. The nutrients such as vitamin E and zinc keeps your skin hydrated, fights acne, and reduces skin inflammation. Throw some cashews in your favourite healthy snack bar, or snack on a few mixed nuts and give good care to your skin! If you are unable to meet your daily nutritional dosage try taking supplements to boost your skin health. Order OTC products from a reliable online pharmacy store at the comfort of your home. 
  3. Bone health: No wonder we all know that cashews support bone health. The rich copper content in cashews decreases the risk of getting osteoporosis. Yes! The right copper supplement in the diet increases the bone mineral density and maintains the collagen and elastin in the body. The copper mineral also helps to keep the blood diseases at bay. 
  4.  Improves eye health: The zeaxanthin an antioxidant pigment present in the cashew nuts helps to protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays. It also protects elders from getting age-related macular degeneration. Hence, incorporate cashews as part of your diet to improve your eye health.
  5. Maintain a healthy body weight: Yes! Bursting the myth that cashews help to gain weight, it helps to lose weight faster, hence include them in a moderate amount regularly. This is because of the high amount of omega-3 fatty acid present in the diet helps to boost the metabolic process and trims the extra fat from the body. So, never miss to add them if you are in the weight-loss journey. 

Cashew nuts are easily available around us. Including them in the diet helps to protect the body from various diseases and illnesses. Make sure not to cross, the daily recommended dosage of nuts as increase addition may invite health risks. Soak the nuts overnight as phytates in nuts decreases vitamin and mineral absorption in the body. Also, take cashews in the unsalted and raw form to get its maximum benefits.  In case if you develop an allergy after consuming nuts, immediately stop taking it and consult your healthcare provider. If medicines are prescribed to ease allergic symptoms, order prescription medicines from a trusted online drug store at your convenience and get them delivered directly at your doorstep.  

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