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5 Ways You Can Earn Money at Home

Working from home is far from a new phenomenon, but it is something that has become more and more common in the last couple of years, largely due to the pandemic. The explosion of the gig economy has allowed people to take on odd jobs online and practically set their own hours. 


Even employers are increasingly allowing employees to work remotely. The research firm McKinsey, in a study, found that 35 percent of Americans have the flexibility to work from home if they choose.


Because seemingly everything is online these days, it’s not all that hard to work from home, regardless of industry. Whether you’re a writer, a bookmaker who sets NFL odds, or a graphic designer, working from home can be a reality in 2022. There are several other ways you can either earn a full-time income or enough money to complement your current job.

Online Surveys


Completing online surveys is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a few extra bucks online, but don’t count on making enough from it to pay all of your bills. It’s also worth noting that only some websites offering this service pay cash. Most allow you to select from a series of gift cards once you complete enough surveys and earn the required points.


While it’s not lucrative, you can easily do these in your free time. It’s an excellent idea for those who want a little extra funds for holiday or birthday shopping.

Create an eCommerce Website


Believe it or not, you don’t have to have any design, HTML, or coding knowledge to create your own website. Companies like Shopify make it easy to set up eCommerce platforms so that you can sell your products, whether it’s homemade jewelry, clothing, or home decor. 


By using an eCommerce site, you’re cutting out the middle man and ensuring you receive as much of the profit as possible. This requires more work than doing a few online surveys. You’ll need to create your marketing and logistics strategies and answer customer inquiries.




Upwork is one of many different gig economy websites. It’s an excellent service for freelancers, regardless of their profession or skills, as there are thousands of people daily looking to have someone complete specific tasks on their behalf. 


Clients on the site have verified profiles, so you know payment will be processed. There’s work on Upwork for graphic designers, video editors, sound editors, writers, NFL lines, and basically any creative job you can think of.


Simply sign up for an account and create your profile, ensuring that you input all of your proficiencies and skills. You can even upload your resume. From there, search for the type of job you’re looking for and start applying. 

Start a YouTube Channel


Did you know there are dozens of YouTube millionaires? Users like MrBeast, Markiplier, Rhett & Link, and Unspeakable all made more than $25 million in 2021 alone. So yeah, it’s possible to earn millions – and fame – from YouTube, but you can also carve out a comfortable living making enough money to pay your bills and provide for your family.


As long as you have a particular passion and personality, you can excel as a YouTuber. It certainly helps to have technical knowledge about shooting and editing video, but you can quickly get help in those areas.


 Most importantly, think about the type of content you want to create and how or if it stands out from other channels. Think about how you can bring a fresh perspective on specific topics or subjects. Maybe you can give a creative take on Vegas NFL odds.

Virtual Assistant


A virtual assistant is essentially someone who helps others. Usually, business owners plan their day and complete various administrative tasks. Rather than hiring full-time employees to sit in the office all day, many businesses are now choosing to save money by outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants. 


This rapidly growing field allows individuals freedom and flexibility in their work and is an excellent option for stay-at-home parents with young children. On a day-to-day basis, a virtual assistant might answer phone calls and emails, provide customer support, process orders, organize files, and prepare reports.

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